December 19, 2022 mdchino

6 Tips to Stay on Track During the Holidays

Sometimes it seems that the holidays are all about food. They’re not, of course; we enjoy time with family and friends, too. But who are we kidding? Food is everywhere at this time of year. And for those following a medical weight loss plan, all that food presents a major temptation and a challenge to our health goals.

So yes, the holidays can be difficult for those of us following a medical weight loss plan. But these six tips can help you stay on track.

  1. You are a priority. You don’t have to say yes to every party invitation or every treat offered to you. And you absolutely can switch your exercise routine to mornings for the next couple of weeks, so that you can get it out of the way and keep your schedule open in the afternoons if you want. The bottom line is YOU decide what is important to you.
  2. Deprivation isn’t necessary. If you really look forward to Aunt Linda’s chocolate pie every year, then go ahead and have a slice of Aunt Linda’s pie. But just one, and make it small… Depriving yourself will only lead to resentment and binge eating, so allow yourself a little treat and then move on.
  3. Communication is necessary. It’s okay to tell your loved ones about your medical weight loss goals, and to ask for support. No one should pressure you to have another cookie. And if you need a friend to attend holiday parties with you, by all means bring one!
  4. Planning is essential. At any time of year, packing your own snacks can help you to avoid fast food drive-throughs and other common pitfalls of weight loss. At this time of year, planning becomes even more important. Don’t head out to holiday parties unprepared and hungry.
  5. Eat before the party. Fill up on fresh veggies, fruit, and water before holiday parties. The fiber and water will make you feel full, so that you don’t crave items from the buffet very much at all.
  6. Check in with yourself. Once or twice per day, stop to take a moment in which you focus on your goals. You can look at an old picture of yourself, journal, meditate, or whatever works for you. But remind yourself of your goals so that you stay centered.

And of course, check in  with us too. If we can help with your medical weight loss plan during the holidays, give us a call to schedule an appointment.

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