February 15, 2021 mdchino

6 Ways A Lifestyle Change Might Surprise You

If you’ve decided to pursue a lifestyle change, such as a weight loss plan or fitness regimen, you probably have one or two end goals in mind. But once you get started, you might quickly find yourself surprised with the experience. For example…

Portion sizes matter for healthy foods, too. Even healthy foods contain calories. For example, about 8 walnuts pack about 100 calories, and one avocado contains about 230 calories. These foods also provide plenty of beneficial nutrients, but that doesn’t mean you should eat all you want of them.

Exercise can be deceptive. Even a tough workout might burn as many calories as you think. Using a calorie app can help you learn how calories are burned through activity, so you don’t accidentally overestimate (and make dietary errors as a result).

Your taste buds will probably change. After a few months on a weight loss plan, you might decide to try one of your old favorite meals. Not only will it taste different (usually not as good as before); you might not be able to finish your usual portion. This is a sign that your body is adjusting to new, healthier habits.

You’re never “done”. If you think of a weight loss plan as a temporary change to help you lose weight, then the lost weight will return when you discontinue the plan. That’s why we urge our patients to think of their plan as a lifestyle change. When you change your habits permanently, you not only lose weight for good but also stay healthier in the long run.

You might notice unexpected benefits. Most people pursue a lifestyle change because they want to change their appearance or ward off the development of heart disease or diabetes. But after following a weight loss plan for a few months, you might notice unexpected benefits, like more energy, a better mood, or fewer aches and pains.

You affect others more than you think. You mostly started this journey for yourself, but you might quickly discover that your friends and family are inspired by your success. It can feel a little strange to suddenly enjoy the limelight, receiving compliments, and being asked for advice. Try to enjoy it! You’ve worked hard and you’ve earned your time to shine.

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