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6 Ways to Meet Your Hydration Goals

You already know the old rule: Drink 8 glasses of water each day to stay hydrated. Proper hydration aids digestion, protects you from various health problems, and can even be a lifesaver during hot summer months. But it will also help you to succeed at your weight loss plan, since hydration helps the body to function correctly and burn calories.

But even knowing how important it is, some people find it difficult to meet their daily hydration requirements. So, first, keep in mind that you don’t necessarily need to drink 8 glasses of water. There are a variety of ways to stay hydrated, such as…

Choose your temp. Drink water at the temperature it tastes best, whatever that means for you. Don’t worry about trendy advice, such as drinking water at a certain temperature to burn more calories; this makes only a slight difference, and it’s more important that you enjoy drinking water.

Choose the right bottle. Some people consume more water when drinking from a spout or straw. Give it a try and see what you think.

Eat more fruits and veggies. You probably need to do this anyway, according to your weight loss plan. Choosing fruits and vegetables that are high in water content, like watermelon and leafy greens, can help you meet your hydration requirements.

Try sparkling waters. Don’t worry about the rumors. Drinking sparkling water is unlikely to stimulate your appetite, and you might even find them more satisfying when you choose flavors that appeal to you.

Or, flavor your own water. Add fruit and herbs to your water, or frozen melon balls in the summer. If it tastes good, you will drink more of it. Just don’t expect for your fruit infusions to count toward your daily allotment of fruits and vegetables; you still need to eat those to get enough fiber and other nutrients.

Coffee and tea count. There’s no need to stick to only water. If you enjoy coffee or tea, those can also count toward your hydration quota. Just remember that adding sugar or cream also adds calories, so start cutting back on the additions until your taste buds adjust to plain or lightly sweetened beverages.

Staying hydrated is an important part of your new healthy lifestyle. But if you need more help with a weight loss plan, especially regarding an eating plan or exercise regimen, please give us a call. We will assess your health and help you set reasonable, achievable goals.


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