March 2, 2020 mdchino

7 Healthy Changes You Can Make Right Now

If you want to fight inflammation, ward off chronic disease, and potentially drop a few pounds, you know that implementing a weight loss plan can feel overwhelming. So you might be happy to know that there are small changes, that you can implement right now, that will kick start your plans to get healthier. Then, if you want to pursue a doctor prescribed weight loss plan, we can meet up and discuss your needs.

Start the day with water. Most of us wake up dehydrated in the morning, and then make matters worse by sipping coffee (a diuretic). Keep a water bottle by your bed, and down about 8 ounces as soon as you wake up. Getting hydrated will boost energy and help you get going, especially if you work out in the morning.

Put away tempting junk foods (or just get rid of them). When tempting junk foods are in plain sight, you’re more likely to think about them and crave them. Store them out of sight, or get rid of them entirely. If you have to drive to the store to obtain the object of a craving, you will be less likely to indulge in it.

Take a walk during lunchtime. Spend about half of your lunch break walking – outside, if you can, to reap the mood boosting benefits of sunshine. But even an indoor walk will help to increase your metabolism and give you more energy for the afternoon.

Buy a new pair of shoes, or some workout clothes. Investing in new gear will motivate you to get out and use it!

Plan your next grocery store trip. Most of us have forgotten how to plan meals, and find ourselves aimlessly wandering the grocery store aisles. This can be a recipe for dietary disaster, because we tend to purchase whatever sounds good in the moment. Sit down and make a meal plan based around leafy greens, fresh veggies, and lean protein. Then hit the store.

Switch to whole grains. Refined (white) grains are digested quickly, boost your blood sugar, and then lead to a crash. By contrast, whole grains contain more fiber, are digested more slowly, and help you feel full much longer. They also contain important nutrients, so making the switch from white to whole grain can benefit your health, too.

Schedule an actual bedtime. As adults, many of us delay bedtime. But when you schedule a set bedtime, you commit yourself to getting eight hours of sleep that you truly need in order to function at your best.

These seven changes are easy for most people to implement within a few days. But if you want to pursue a weight loss plan, give us a call to discuss your exact needs. We can help you put together an eating plan to reach your goals and protect your health.

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