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7 Mini-Workouts You Can Do Anytime

As you know, exercise should play a starring role in your weight loss plan. But if you can’t get to the gym every day, you might feel frustrated that you can’t work as hard as you want toward your goals. While there’s no substitute for a good, sweaty aerobic exercise, you can certainly burn more calories throughout the day by tweaking small habits. Try these seven ways to fit in min-workouts throughout the day.

Power walk everywhere you go. Walking at a fast pace burns more calories than walking at a slower pace. Walk more briskly everywhere you go. As a bonus, you’ll save a bit of time, too!

Park far away from work. Rather than circling the block seven times, hoping to nab a prime parking spot, just go ahead and park somewhere father away. Use that time to walk briskly to your office building instead. You can also apply this practice to parking at the mall, the grocery store, or anywhere else you might go.

Take the stairs. Always take the stairs, instead of the elevator. You could even walk your office building, including a few trips up and down stairs, during your breaks. You might notice that you return to work feeling refreshed and more alert.

Pace while you take phone calls. Whether it’s your mom or a business associate calling, take a stroll while you chat. You can walk outside, or even just pace around your home or office.

Walk to lunch. Rather than relying on delivery services, take a walk to a nearby cafe during your lunch hour. If you pack your lunch (a smart strategy when you’re planning meals carefully), take it to a nearby park or other outdoor area before digging in. You will enjoy the change of pace, the fresh air, and of course the rejuvenating effects of exercise.

Hack your grocery trips. Rather than a cart, try using a basket to carry your items. Carrying a heavy load for twenty minutes can burn about 60 calories. Instead of getting in the shortest checkout line, stand in the longest line (while holding that heavy basket). You can also do calf raises or standing toe taps while you wait.

Work out while you cook dinner. Use your kitchen counter to tone up while you wait for food to cook. You can use the counter for support as you perform pushups, squats, and other strength-building exercises.

Remember, these mini-workouts aren’t a substitute for regular, more intense exercise. But they’re certainly very useful for upping your daily calorie burn! As always, call us for an appointment if you have any questions about your weight loss plan, and we will be happy to help you put together a program that works for your lifestyle.

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