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7 Walking Mistakes to Avoid

You’ve been walking for a few decades now, so you might feel amused at the idea that you’re doing it wrong. But if you’ve chosen walking as the main exercise to support your weight loss plan, there are definitely a few mistakes to avoid if you want to achieve optimal results.

You take the same route every day. Your body adapts to exercise, so taking the same route each day means you won’t be as challenged over the long term. In other words, you might burn fewer calories. Switch it up every so often, adding hills or resistance (such as pushing a stroller or walking on the beach).

You walk at one constant speed. If you’re walking at the same speed for the duration of your exercise time, you’re missing an opportunity. Varying your speed can boost your heart rate and increase your calorie burn. Even short intervals of faster walking, for one to two minutes, will make a difference.

You expect too much, too soon. Over time, a daily walking regimen paired with a weight loss plan will produce results. But if you were expecting dramatic results in just a few weeks, you could find yourself disappointed and losing focus. Remember to focus on the long term, and view your daily walk as a permanent lifestyle change.

You never increase your time or difficulty. Over time, you will get into better shape and drop pounds. This is great news, but it also means your workout won’t be as challenging (or rewarding). Add a few minutes to your walk each week, or increase your speed intervals.

You skip your walk on rainy or cold days. You can still walk, if you head to a mall or indoor track. Sticking to your exercise routine will help you progress faster toward your goals.

You’re wearing improper shoes. If your feet hurt frequently, your shoes are probably the culprit. Get fitted for appropriate footwear, and your walks will be much more enjoyable.

You’re only walking. Walking is some of the best exercise you can do, but it’s not all you should be doing. Add strength training to your regimen, too. Just twenty minutes per day, a few days per week, can add valuable muscle mass that boosts your metabolism.

For more help with your weight loss plan, or for more tips regarding your exercise regimen, give us a call. We’ll schedule an appointment to discuss your progress and ways to reach your goals more efficiently.

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