August 23, 2020 mdchino

7 Ways to Make the Most of Your Walk

You know that walking is one of the easiest, yet also most effective forms of exercise to support your weight loss plan. But is there any way to make your walk even more effective and burn more calories? Yes! Try adding a few of these tweaks to your routine, and see the difference for yourself.

Add toning exercises. Wear ankle or wrist weights, perform curls while walking, or pause at a park bench for some incline push-ups. Building muscle doesn’t just burn calories during exercise, but also increases your resting metabolic rate.

Add a few minutes per day. Challenge yourself to walk just a few extra minutes each day. Soon you will expand your walk an additional twenty minutes or more.

Vary your route. Walking the same route, day after day, can feel boring. Changing it up will keep your workout feeling more interesting, but can also increase your calorie burn (especially if you add a few hills or walk on terrain with resistance, such as sand).

Try an app. Use a handy fitness app to track your mileage, time, calorie burn, and more. By logging each workout you can challenge yourself to work a bit harder each time.

Challenge a friend. Many people perform better when they compete a bit. Challenge a friend to see who can walk the most miles in the same amount of time, or sign up for a charity walk event.

Try hiking instead. Get off the beaten path and venture out into a state park (safely, of course). Hiking trails are often more challenging than your standard neighborhood roads or park paths.

Add bursts of speed. Every few minutes, walk as fast as you can for about two minutes. Then drop back to a comfortable pace for about five minutes, and repeat.

If your workout routine feels stale, we can help you reinvigorate it. Just call us to discuss your weight loss plan and we’ll help you devise strategies to burn more calories and reach your goals.

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