June 8, 2020 mdchino

7 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Exercise

We all have days that we don’t feel like following through with our workout goals. If that feeling is plaguing you, try one or more of these tips to encourage yourself to get moving.

Choose activities you love. This is the first tip because it really is “number one”. If you enjoy an activity, it no longer feels like a chore. In fact, you can’t wait to dive into it each day. Take your time and try a variety of activities to figure out what appeals to you.

Invite a friend. We’re more likely to hold ourselves accountable to goals when we make an appointment with a friend or group. Plus, most people find group activities to be more enjoyable and rewarding.

Or, go it alone. Conversely, some people find solo workouts more rewarding. That’s because the session doubles as their “alone time” for reflection, peace, and quiet. If this type of workout is more your speed, there is no reason to feel obligated toward group activities.

Commit to a small goal. If you’re feeling tired and sluggish, commit to a ten-minute walk. That’s all, and you can quit after ten minutes! In most cases, once you get outside and get moving you will realize you can continue past the ten-minute mark.

Get outside. For many people, working out at the gym just is not that motivating. Sunlight and fresh air are mood boosters and will make your workout more enjoyable. Outdoor exercise isn’t limited to biking, walking, or swimming, either. You can take your yoga mat or free weights out into the backyard!

Focus on how you feel afterward. Remember how great you felt after your last workout?Remind yourself as you push through your current exercise session; by about halfway through you’ll be feeling the beneficial effects.

Change it up occasionally. Switch up your walking or jogging route. Try a new class at the gym. Head for a hike at a nearby park. Try paddleboarding or kayaking. When you venture outside your usual routine, the new challenge will exercise both your body and mind.

Remember that we’re here to support you as you set and reach your workout goals. If you have questions about exercise or a weight loss plan, call us to schedule an appointment and we’ll be happy to help.


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