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8 Fun Ways to Get More Active

When you’re following a medical weight loss plan, burning more calories than you consume will become a large part of your focus. That’s how you create a calorie deficit and shed those unwanted pounds. That’s why so many of our clients focus on regular exercise sessions.

But there are other ways to burn calories. In fact, it’s a good idea to change up your lifestyle in general, so that you’re more active all the time. That’s because exercise can only burn so many calories at specific times, but living a more active lifestyle can help you expend more energy around the clock.

These fun ideas can get you moving more often, can involved the whole family, and won’t necessarily require you to over-schedule yourself. And they don’t require a gym membership!

Grow your own food. Gardening is a great way to exercise outdoors. And as a bonus, you’ll be growing your own healthy produce, which will also support your medical weight loss plan.

Volunteer. Help clean up a local park or highway, or maintain hiking trails. You’ll get moving and help your community at the same time.

Host a neighborhood “Olympics”. Everyone can compete in races, long jump, high jump, and other sports that suit everyone’s ability levels.

Try new classes on YouTube. If zumba, ballroom dancing, or yoga classes are difficult to schedule or feel too expensive, try free classes on YouTube. You can experiment with something new every week.

Play with the kids. Choose movement-based games, like tag or Simon Says. You’ll have fun together while fitting in more movement.

“Race clean” the house. Set a timer for thirty minutes, and compete to see who can get the most chores done. You’ll get sweaty and a clean house!

Friday night dance parties. Grab a Bluetooth speaker and your favorite people, and dance the night away in the backyard.

Just go for a walk. When you’re feeling bored, get up and go for a walk rather than scrolling social media. Just a few minutes of walking can boost your mood and burn a few more calories.

As always, call us to schedule an appointment so that we can discuss your medical weight loss plan. We can help you figure out solutions to any problems you might be facing.


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