September 7, 2020 mdchino

8 Ways to Get Back on Track

Beautiful Athletic Woman holds her Arms Ready for Defending Herself. It is a Part of Her Intensive Cross Fitness Gym Training.

You started your exercise program or weight loss plan, full of energy and hope… But over time, you’ve become bored or disillusioned. Maybe you even fell off the bandwagon a bit, and you’ve stopped seeing results.

It’s normal to feel that a routine has grown stale or lose your motivation. Here’s how to get it back.

Train yourself against negative thinking. Instead of telling yourself, “I’m not losing weight fast enough” or “I’ll never reach my goal”, focus on the progress you have made. Look back at your journal and note the positive changes you’ve made in your life.

Add the word “yet” to statements. You haven’t reached your final weight loss goal yet. You’re not ready for that class reunion yet. Adding “yet” to statements turns them from negative, fatalistic thoughts to motivating statements of intention.

Focus on nutrients, not calorie deficits. When choosing healthy foods, avoiding thinking about them in terms of “low calories” or comparing them to other foods you might rather be eating. Instead, think of their nutrient density, and all of the benefits they will offer to your body. For example, you might focus on the immune-boosting properties of a citrus fruit bursting with vitamin C, or the filling and gut-healthy fiber in your vegetables.

Set smaller goals. A goal like, “lose 50 pounds” can feel overwhelming and unreachable. Instead, congratulate yourself on reaching weekly or monthly goals.

Set goals that don’t revolve around the scale. So many things can cause small fluctuations in weight, that focusing on a number on the scale will only lead to frustration and self doubt. Instead, set goals for better health such as being able to walk farther and longer, or increasing the weight you can lift at the gym.

Buy a nice outfit that is one size smaller than your current size. Again, focusing on a long-term weight loss plan be difficult, because the moment of celebration feels so far away. Instead, focus on fitting into a nice new outfit that is just one size smaller.

Try a new restaurant. Yes, really! Look at menus online and identify an exciting new restaurant that offers appealing healthy options. Trying foods from different regions, especially something spicy or with flavors that are new to you, can prevent boredom with your eating plan.

Create a self care routine. Pursuing a fitness regimen and weight loss plan is asking a lot of yourself. Make sure to respond to that demand by creating a soothing self care routine, to thank your body for all of its hard work.

And of course, if you’re feeling truly stuck remember that we’re here to offer support. Give us a call so that we can talk about your current weight loss plan, and make changes to help you feel motivated again.

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