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Add These Things to Your Life for Better Health

So often, when we discuss healthier lifestyles and weight loss, we immediately think of all the things we need to “quit” or “give up”. But here’s the problem with that type of thinking: Your subconscious mind really doesn’t like it. When you focus on “giving up” things that you enjoy, you’re going to experience considerable push-back from your own mind. Whether you’re conscious of it or not, you will begin to subvert your own efforts at healthier living, like finding excuses, “cheating”, making deals with yourself, and so on.

That’s why a better approach to a healthy lifestyle and weight loss plan is to focus on adding things to your life. We all like to obtain new things, right? Here are some suggestions for better health…

Some new treats. Commit yourself to trying new foods, to increase your dietary diversity. Focus on fresh fruits and vegetables in particular, so that you can obtain valuable micronutrients and antioxidants that can help fight disease and aging.

Strength. Getting stronger sounds like a positive change, doesn’t it? Add a strength training regimen to your regular routine, and you will enjoy benefits such as improved energy, faster metabolism, toned muscles, and yes, probably weight loss!

A fun hobby. What do hobbies have to do with health and weight loss? Plenty! When you’re happier and your time is spent on activities you enjoy, you’re less stressed and less likely to focus on food as a comfort measure. It’s even better if you choose a physically active hobby, but this isn’t a requirement. Just find something you love and are passionate about, and make the lifestyle changes necessary to include more fun in your life.

Gratitude. This is a terrific habit to add to your life, and it only takes a moment at the end of each day. Reflect on something that you’re grateful for, perhaps something good that happened that day or something you enjoyed, and write it down. It’s a small change, but you will find that it alters your mindset to a more positive and balanced outlook.

A regular eating schedule. Yes, we’re telling you to eat regularly! An eating schedule, including the right mix of proteins, fiber, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats will keep your metabolism healthy and blood sugar levels even.

Speaking of that eating schedule, give us a call to learn more about balancing your nutrients for better health. We can help you with weight loss, anti-aging, fighting disease, or simply feeling more energetic and happy.

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