December 12, 2022 mdchino

Aesthetic Treatments Are for Men, Too!

With numerous holiday parties approaching, you want to look your best. Maybe you’re hoping to meet a special someone, or maybe you just don’t want to be tagged in a bunch of unflattering photos on social media! And looking your best certainly never hurt your career. In today’s competitive job market, a more youthful and friendly appearance helps you with everything from interviews to sales pitches.

Whatever your reasoning, it’s important to know that aesthetic treatments are available to help you look and feel your best. And despite what you might associate with them, aesthetic treatments are medical procedures approved for both women and men.

Stress can impact us in a number of different ways, but it almost always shows on our faces. And of course, time and the sun do their dirty work as well. But aesthetic treaments are specifically designed to turn back the clock by addressing very particular issues.

If you feel concerned about the fine lines of your forehead giving you an angry or unfriendly appearance, a simple round of Botox injections can change that. The injections prevent the muscles of your face from contracting in these unattractive ways, helping the lines of your face to gently smooth away. And the best news is that it only takes a few days to see results.

Fillers are actually injected into the lines themselves, plumping them out so that they’re no longer visible. We typically use these around the mouth, nose, and cheeks for a smoother look.

Various laser treatments can address things like redness, veins, and age spots from sun damage. These treatments often require a few sessions to be fully effective, so get started right away if you want results for a holiday party.

And if you’re worried about excess sweating on a big date or important presentation at work, you’ll be excited to know that Botox can actually be helpful for that too!

Just give us a call to discuss your particular concerns, and we’ll schedule an appointment to get you looking and feeling top tier.

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