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Are Carbs Really That Bad?

If you follow nutrition and diet trends, you’ve probably heard many of your friends talk about cutting out carbohydrates or carbs being “bad” in some way. But are they really all that bad? And how much can you eat, if you do consume carbs?

Like all nutrition and diet trends, the fuss about carbs is partially based in reality but partially upon fiction. Yes, many high-carb foods are bad for you. Simple sugars are definitely bad for you, because they’re released quickly into your bloodstream and cause blood sugar spikes and crashes. These foods, such as candy and packaged snack foods, carry little to no nutritional value. So they’re empty calories that don’t provide your body with the nutrients it needs, and can wreak havoc with your blood sugar at the same time.

On the other hand, all carbs are not created equal. Complex carbs, such as those from vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and legumes, do carry nutritional value. You need these nutrients in order to perform optimally, and you most of us should include these foods in our diets.

Yes, that even goes for a medical weight loss plan based on high protein. Low carb doesn’t mean no carb!

Complex carbs also serve as our main form of energy. Because they’re broken down into glucose more slowly, complex carbs won’t trigger quick blood sugar spikes and crashes. They’re burned slowly and release energy that helps us get through our daily tasks (including exercise).

Complex carbs are also more filling, because they tend to contain higher levels of dietary fiber. On the flip side of that, simple carbs (think of sugary desserts and white flour) aren’t very filling. So you will eat larger portions of the less nutritious foods, and that translates to a higher caloric intake.

As for how many carbs to eat in a day, we should discuss that at your next appointment. Call us to schedule a consultation regarding medical weight loss or a maintenance plan, and we will help you put together a nutrition plan to stay healthy and meet your weight goals.


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