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Are You Making These 6 Treadmill Mistakes?

For any number of reasons, you might prefer walking on a treadmill to walking outdoors.  You can certainly get a good workout on a treadmill, and make the same amount of progress toward your weight loss plan that you’d otherwise make… But walking isn’t just walking! Some people who use treadmills are prone to making these mistakes.

Don’t skip your warm-up. Go ahead and spend five or ten minutes warming up your muscles, just as you’d do for an outdoor walk. Then crank up the speed to a comfortably challenging level.

Don’t adopt an unnatural stride. For some reason, some people change their stride when walking on a treadmill. Make sure to stay toward the middle of the machine, using a medium-length stride and your usual walking form.

Don’t hang onto the handrails. Swinging your arms naturally will increase your calorie burn a bit, plus helps you keep your stride more natural and productive.

Don’t watch the monitor. This can promote poor posture and create problems with your neck and shoulders. Plus, if you look around the gym, watch TV, or even chat with the person next to you, you will probably find your workout more enjoyable and motivating.

Don’t do the same workout every day. Make sure you utilize your machine’s incline feature, which will mimic uphill walking for a more challenging workout (and greater calorie burn). Using pre-programmed routines and switching them up regularly can prevent boredom.

Don’t ignore safety guidelines. Yes, a treadmill can be dangerous if you’re too casual about its use. Avoid loose towels and other items hanging on the handrails, which could fall and cause you to trip. Make sure the machine is completely stopped before mounting and dismounting. And if you use your phone during a workout, don’t let it distract you to the point of losing your place on the treadmill.

If you’d like to discuss your workouts or weight loss plan, give us a call and we can schedule an appointment. We can tailor advice more specifically to you once we get to know your needs and challenges.


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