October 11, 2021 mdchino

Are You Searching for Spider Vein Removal in Chino?

We all love the look of smooth, perfect skin – whether on our faces or the rest of our bodies. We are deluged with images of flawless skin everywhere we look, and it can be difficult to compete in the digital age! So it’s no wonder that when a skin issue comes up, it not only bothers us aesthetically but can be embarrassing or even damage our self esteem.

So do you just have to live with certain flaws? Luckily, no! Medical technology has gifted us with the ability to remedy a large number of imperfections. If you’re looking for spider vein removal in Chino, this blog is for you.

Spider veins show up as a web of dark blue, purple, or red veins just under the skin. They can even bulge forward, and the veins often become uncomfortable as well as unsightly. In some cases, spider veins are simple inevitable. They affect women more than men, and tend to show up on legs most frequently (but can also occur on your face and other body parts). The following contributing factors are largely out of your control:

  • Advanced age
  • History of blood clots
  • Family history
  • Previous vein surgery
  • Pregnancy

You can’t really do much about those situations! But luckily, many contributing factors are at least somewhat preventable, allowing you some control over whether you develop spider veins:

  • A sedentary lifestyle (too much sitting)
  • Obesity
  • Use of hormone therapies or hormonal birth control (although in some cases these medications are not really optional)

Other than preventing them, what can you do about spider vein removal in Chino? Plenty! Modern medical technology allows us to reduce or even eliminate the appearance of spider veins, without invasive surgery. Treatments are relatively simple, and recovery time is short and not overly challenging.

Give us a call to discuss our easy, in-office treatment options. Within a few appointments, we can often achieve a noticeable reduction in the appearance and severity of your spider veins.


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