Should You Walk Fast or Walk a Long Time?

As you begin your exercise program, maximizing calorie burn might be a top priority. When you’re on a medical weight loss plan, trimming caloric intake while ramping up your calorie expenditure creates a deficit, aiding in shedding stored energy.

If walking is your main exercise, you’ve probably received varied advice. Some suggest using a step counter or a phone app to track distance, while others recommend picking up the pace. So, which is the right advice? Read more

6 Ways to Transition to Morning Workouts

Considering morning workouts? Many find that exercising in the morning energizes and focuses them for the day ahead. However, adopting this habit can be challenging. These six steps will help you prep for morning workouts to ease the transition. Read more

3 Reasons to Give Pool Walking a Try

Switching up your exercise routine is key to keeping things interesting and challenging, especially if you’re recovering from an injury. Plus, preventing boredom can help you stick with your medical weight loss plan long-term.

Pool walking might not be on your radar, but here are three reasons why trainers and physical therapists often suggest it. Read more

Good News for Cheese Lovers!

Many people hesitate to adopt a medical weight loss plan, fearing they’ll have to bid farewell to their favorite foods. However, the reality is that eliminating entire food groups is rarely necessary, especially with the guidance of a medical weight loss physician.

If you’re concerned about saying goodbye to cheese, fear not. Cheese can indeed have a place in a healthy and balanced weight loss regimen. Here’s what you should know… Read more

Can Yoga Burn a Significant Amount of Calories?

Yoga has risen to prominence as not just a form of exercise, but also as a lifestyle and social activity for many. Amidst the serene poses and meditative ambiance, it’s natural to wonder: Can yoga contribute to medical weight loss? And if so, how significant is its impact? Read more

Get the Most Bang for Your Buck at the Gym

Whether you’re hitting the gym to shed pounds, boost your health, or sculpt your physique, maximizing your workout time is key. No one wants to waste effort, right? After all, time is money, and most of us are short on time these days. Here are six tips to get the most bang for your buck at the gym. Implement these methods and make the most of your workout time. Read more

The Pros and Cons of the Mediterranean Diet

Deciding to pursue better health and weight management often involves navigating various dietary approaches. Among them, the Mediterranean diet stands out as a time-tested regimen with a reputation for promoting wellness and longevity. First, you should understand the pros and cons of this dietary pattern, and then we’ll compare it to the strategies employed in medical weight loss programs. Read more

Water is Essential, But What if You Don’t Like It?

One of the most underrated yet crucial components of any medical weight loss plan is plain old water. Yep, that’s right. Two-thirds of your body is water, making it as essential as food, oxygen, and shelter. So, when all the best weight loss and health advice harps on about drinking plenty of water (around eight 8-ounce glasses daily, you’ve heard it before), it’s for a good reason – water is a big deal! Read more

Medical Weight Loss: Three Positive Changes You Might See Soon

If you’ve been discussing a medical weight loss plan with us, chances are it’s because you’re aiming to shed some pounds or your doctor recommended it. While many of us welcome the prospect of a trimmer figure, the benefits extend far beyond mere aesthetics. Here are three other positive changes you can anticipate… Read more

Setting Realistic Goals: How to Stay Motivated in Your New Exercise Program

Starting an exercise program can be exciting journey toward improved health and fitness. However, maintaining motivation and staying committed to your goals can be challenging, especially when faced with obstacles along the way. Setting realistic goals is key to staying motivated and achieving success in your fitness endeavors and medical weight loss plan. Here’s how to set achievable goals and stay inspired throughout your fitness journey. Read more

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