What to Do When Foot Pain Derails Your Exercise Plans

Your walking plan is going great, you’re getting those daily steps in, and your weight loss plan seems successful… And suddenly your feet start hurting. You’re tempted to skip your regular walks, but you don’t want to derail your success. What can you do about foot pain? Read more

8 Ways to Get Back on Track

You started your exercise program or weight loss plan, full of energy and hope… But over time, you’ve become bored or disillusioned. Maybe you even fell off the bandwagon a bit, and you’ve stopped seeing results.

It’s normal to feel that a routine has grown stale or lose your motivation. Here’s how to get it back. Read more

7 Ways to Make the Most of Your Walk

You know that walking is one of the easiest, yet also most effective forms of exercise to support your weight loss plan. But is there any way to make your walk even more effective and burn more calories? Yes! Try adding a few of these tweaks to your routine, and see the difference for yourself. Read more

Is Coffee Good for You… or Not?

You’ve probably noticed that the news never can make up its mind about foods and drinks. One day the experts are touting the health benefits of something, and then the next day someone else is saying the complete opposite! Read more

4 Things to Know About Sweating

We all sweat, and it’s a completely normal body function. In fact, you could actually end up in a lot of danger if you didn’t sweat! But for some reason, a lot of misperceptions still exist with regard to sweating. Here’s what you need to know. Read more

The Surprising Thing That Can Drag Down Your Mood

It’s a story we hear all the time: Our patients know they need to exercise, both for their overall health and to support their weight loss plan, but it’s so hard to get moving. When you’re in a bad mood, feel tired or depressed, or simply have no energy, just finding the motivation to get moving can feel like climbing a mountain. It’s exhausting, and you haven’t even started your workout yet! Read more

3 Ways to Make Friends With Your Body

Sometimes we wake up, feeling positive and ready to start the day, and then something happens to drag down our mood. Maybe the outfit you planned last night just doesn’t look right. Or maybe you pass by a mirror and criticize yourself a bit too harshly. Perhaps you give in to temptation and eat a cookie for breakfast, and now you’re feeling guilty and angry at yourself. Now you don’t feel motivated to follow your eating plan for the day, and forget about exercise. It just sounds like too much work. Read more

6 Major Benefits of Cardio Fitness

When you decide to pursue an exercise program or weight loss plan, your motivations might range from improving your appearance to following doctor’s orders. Those are certainly good reasons to improve your health. But for many people, more specific knowledge can be empowering. What exactly are the benefits of this lifestyle change? Read more

Avoid This Bad Workout Habit

How many times have you indulged in a treat, promising yourself you will work out extra hard the next day? Or have you ever exercised an extra hour so that you could “earn” a night out with friends? This exchange of exercise for indulgence sounds logical on the surface, but it’s actually a bad habit that you should avoid. Here’s why. Read more

5 Healthy Habits to Start This Summer

As you pursue a medical weight loss plan, or continue to maintain your new weight, you might begin to feel a bit bored with your routine. Here are five great habits that you can try this summer, to shake things up and develop a new perspective on healthy eating. Read more

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