5 Things You Should Do Every Night

We all know that a healthy lifestyle is all about habits. When you follow positive habits on a daily basis, your weight loss plan will be successful in the long term. Plus, you’ll sleep better, experience better moods, and just feel more healthy and balanced overall.

If you’re like many people, the end of the day can feel hectic and disorganized. Then, you finally fall asleep in a heap of exhaustion (and maybe unfolded laundry). These five nightly habits can help you feel more organized, and help you establish better habits in the long run.

Complete your food journal for the next day. We often think of food journals as a way to record what we’ve eaten that day. And it’s true that you should take note of any deviations from your weight loss plan. But using your journal to plan the next day’s meals is even more effective, because we’re more likely to stick with things to which we’ve mentally committed.

Prep for breakfast. You’ll feel less rushed in the morning, and you’ll be less likely to grab fast food on the go. Remember to combine protein with fiber so that you feel full until lunch.

Pack your lunch and snacks. While you’re prepping breakfast, go ahead and pack your food for the next day.

Set out your clothes (and workout gear). One main complication of our modern lifestyles is that we need work clothes for the office, but also workout clothes for the gym. It’s one more thing to plan, and can lead to us skipping gym day sometimes. Each night, lay out everything you need to wear or take along the next day, and you’ll feel prepared for success.

Set alarms. You probably already set an alarm that wakes you up in the morning. You can also use the alarm function on your phone to schedule reminders, such as your gym time or a walk with a friend. Once again, this feeling of prior commitment will help you to follow through on your weight loss plan.

For more help balancing your diet or fitting exercise into your busy schedule, give us a call. We’ll consult with you on a weight loss plan that will turn into a lifetime of healthy habits.


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