The Truth About These Common Aging Myths

We live in a culture that prizes youthful beauty, and so it’s no wonder that many of us go to great lengths to try and look younger. But along with some real, medical advancements in anti-aging technology, we are also subject to quite a few silly rumors. Here’s the truth about some of the common myths around aging.

If you pull out a gray hair, two more will grow back in its place. Nope, pulling out gray hairs will not cause more of them to grow back! But you shouldn’t pull those hairs anyway, because doing so can damage the hair follicle. Unfortunately, gray hair is mostly caused by genetics, so some people just have bad luck. But your favorite hair salon can offer easy solutions.

Topical moisturizers will take away your wrinkles. Moisturizing your skin is good for it, and will help your complexion stay healthy. But nothing you purchase at the drug store will turn back the clock in any meaningful way. But if signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles are bothering you, give us a call to discuss injections, laser treatments, and other methods that really do work.

As you age, you just need to go for a walk every day. It’s true that a daily walk can help you maintain your weight and fight off age-related diseases like heart disease. But don’t forget that strength training keeps your muscles toned, boosts your metabolism, and helps your bones stay strong. That can be particularly important if you’re at higher risk of osteoporosis.

Only fair-skinned people need sunscreen. Just because you don’t burn often, that does not mean you don’t need sunscreen! Even darker skin can sustain damage from UV rays, so wear sunscreen no matter your skin shade.

You only need sunscreen on sunny days. Unfortunately, you can’t count on clouds to protect your skin. UV rays penetrate the atmosphere regardless of the weather, and so you should be wearing a sunscreen any time you spend time outdoors. The good news is that if you’ve neglected your skin in the past, some aesthetic treatments can help to reverse sun damage.

Taking care of yourself can slow the signs of aging. But if you’d prefer a little “help” to slow or reverse the effects on your skin, give us a call. We offer a wide range of aesthetic treatments that can help you look and feel your best at any age.


Can You Reverse Sun Damage?

Most of us reach a point that we realize we should take better care of our skin. Unfortunately, we often reach this realization after many years of sunbathing and even a few bad burns. So are you stuck with old sun damage and brown spots from your years of deliberate tanning? Or is there something you can do about it? Read more

What Are Free Radicals and How Do They Age Us?

Have you ever noticed a slice of apple become brown, or a piece of meat go rancid? If so, you’ve witnessed something called oxidation. This natural process happens to all cells, including the cells of our bodies. But there’s also something called “oxidative stress”, in which the production of reactive oxygen is out of balance with the body’s ability to repair the damage. Some cells attempt to repair themselves, rather than simply dying and being replaced. This can cause peroxides and other free radicals to build up, and they damage the cell (including its proteins, lipids, and DNA). Read more

The 5 Simplest Weight Management Tips

When you hear the words “weight management” you might feel like groaning. Most people associate the idea with restrictive diets and deprivation of their favorite treats. But really, many of the best weight management strategies have more to do with your daily routine rather than calorie restriction. These five tips are incredibly simple, but will go a long way toward helping you maintain your new weight after you’ve succeeded with a medical weight loss plan. Read more

Five Food Tips You Can Ignore

When you first begin your medical weight loss plan, everyone from your neighbors to your Great Aunt Sue will probably offer their advice. And while people tend to mean well, often the “advice” that circulates is not really very helpful. In fact, some popular food tips are completely untrue! Here’s the truth about some of the common ones. Read more

3 Ways to Stay Motivated to Exercise

Exercise will become an important part of your overall medical weight loss program. It’s just as important as your nutrition plan! But for many of us, it can be hard to stay motivated to exercise. You might assume you’ll rely upon willpower, and just force yourself through a routine every day.

Actually, we don’t recommend that you rely solely upon willpower. That’s because willpower runs out for all of us, even the most determined. What happens when your willpower runs out? Developing a more well-rounded attitude toward exercise can benefit you in numerous ways, both with regard to your medical weight loss plan and in the rest of your life.

We recommend these three “adjustments” to your mindset, with regard to exercise. Read more

Say Goodbye to Spider Veins with Sclerotherapy

Scrolling through your Instagram feed, you’d almost think humans naturally have perfectly smooth, flawless skin. Of course, that’s just the effects of digital editing. Most of us have lumps, bumps, scars, and a variety of other imperfections. And for the most part, we accept a few blemishes here and there. But spider veins are another matter. They’re much more noticeable, and if you have spider veins they might bother you significantly.

Fortunately, medical science does provide us a a solution for spider veins. Sclerotherapy allows us to safely and easily remove spider veins for many patients, with a minimally invasive and quick procedure. Read more

3 Reasons for Rebound Weight Gain

So you’ve followed all in the instructions, you’ve dropped a significant number of pounds, and you’re feeling very happy with your decisiont to pursue a medical weight loss plan… But then you notice something upsetting. After reaching your goal weight, you notice the number on the scale beginning to climb again.

What’s happening? Are you going to lose all of your progress? Probably not, especially since you noticed this happening right away. But you do need to figure out what’s happening and take steps to address it, if necessary. In most cases, rebound weight gain happens for one of the following three reasons. Read more

4 Reasons Sweating Is Not Such a Bad Thing

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8 Fun Ways to Get More Active

When you’re following a medical weight loss plan, burning more calories than you consume will become a large part of your focus. That’s how you create a calorie deficit and shed those unwanted pounds. That’s why so many of our clients focus on regular exercise sessions.

But there are other ways to burn calories. In fact, it’s a good idea to change up your lifestyle in general, so that you’re more active all the time. That’s because exercise can only burn so many calories at specific times, but living a more active lifestyle can help you expend more energy around the clock. Read more

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