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3 Tips to Age More Gracefully

You probably know many people over age 60 or so. And you might have noticed that people tend to age in drastically different ways. One person is still running marathons at 70, while another has already been diagnosed with numerous health problems at 60. So how can you ensure that you’re one of the lucky ones?

There’s no way to guarantee that, because some things are based on genetics (which you didn’t choose) and luck (and no one would choose bad luck).  We do know that certain choices and habits can speed up or slow down the aging process, or make you more or less likely to contract certain age-related diseases, while other things simply help you manage your aging more comfortably. Read more

6 Ways to Sabotage Your New Year’s Resolution

It’s a tale as old as time: Every January, we make resolutions to improve our health, such as exercising daily or even following a medical weight loss plan. But by mid-March, and sometimes even sooner, 95 percent of us have dropped our goals and returned to old habits. If you want to avoid sabotaging your own New Year’s resolutions, watch out for these following six mistakes. Read more

4 Ways to Learn to Enjoy Exercise


We all know that exercise becomes an important component of any medical weight loss plan. But just knowing that we need to do it usually won’t give us enough motivation to stick to an exercise routine in the long term. Most of us simply won’t do things that we don’t enjoy, at least not consistently and over any significant length of time.

So obviously, the secret to sticking with an exercise routine is to learn to love it.  But for most of us, that’s easier said than done. If you’ve found yourself struggling to stick to an exercise routine, try these four tips to learn to enjoy it more. Read more

6 Tips to Stay on Track During the Holidays

Sometimes it seems that the holidays are all about food. They’re not, of course; we enjoy time with family and friends, too. But who are we kidding? Food is everywhere at this time of year. And for those following a medical weight loss plan, all that food presents a major temptation and a challenge to our health goals.

So yes, the holidays can be difficult for those of us following a medical weight loss plan. But these six tips can help you stay on track. Read more

Aesthetic Treatments Are for Men, Too!

With numerous holiday parties approaching, you want to look your best. Maybe you’re hoping to meet a special someone, or maybe you just don’t want to be tagged in a bunch of unflattering photos on social media! And looking your best certainly never hurt your career. In today’s competitive job market, a more youthful and friendly appearance helps you with everything from interviews to sales pitches. Read more

So, You Want to Start Running?

Maybe you’ve always wished you could be one of those people who runs for miles each day. Or maybe you’ve been walking as a part of your medical weight loss plan, and you want to step up your game. Or perhaps you want to participate in a charity walk/run event in the near future. Whatever your reasoning, it can be hard to know where to begin. If everyone could just get out and start running, we’d all be runners! Read more

Which Type of Exercise is Right for You?

When you first begin your medical weight loss plan, we will screen you for underlying conditions that might make exercise or weight loss more challenging for you. Assuming you receive the all-clear signal from our physician, you will then choose a form of exercise to support your goals. Read more

Food Labels Are the Key to Any Nutrition Plan

Our clients come to us for a medical weight loss plan that will help them drop unwanted pounds and keep them off. But just as with any other nutrition plan, medical weight loss only works as well as you understand and follow the strategy. So when we talk about calories, carbs, protein, and fat, learning about nutrition is only the first step. You must know how to read and interpret food labels, or else things (like your daily calorie allotment) simply won’t “add up”.

So as you get familiar with your new eating plan, learn to read these parts of food labels. Read more

5 Mistakes That Will Undermine Your Health Goals

As you pursue your medical weight loss plan, sticking as closely as possible to your eating plan and exercise routine will be the key to your success. Yes, we know life happens, and no one is perfect all of the time. But you definitely want to watch out for these five common mistakes. Read more

Is This the Secret to a Flatter Stomach?

As you pursue your medical weight loss plan, we hope you’ll be thrilled with watching the numbers on your scale change. Gradually, over a period of months, you will watch that number drop as you shed unwanted pounds from your body. But while weight is one thing, body composition is another. We can’t really control where the fat loss comes from, and which areas of our body begin to look slim the soonest. What we can control is our exercise habits, so you can take measures to tone up any areas that are bothering you. Read more

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