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Burn More Calories With Your Low Impact Workout

Low impact workouts can be plenty effective, without adding stress to your joints. Due to the lower risk of injury, you might have chosen this type of workout to support your weight loss plan. But as time goes on, you’re getting into good shape and you want to add a bit of a challenge. Yes, it is possible to burn more calories and challenge yourself while still reaping the benefits of a low impact exercise routine. Just try these easy workout modifications.

Add weights. Add kettlebell swings to your squat routine, or wear a weighted vest while walking. These are just some of the ways that you can add weight to your current movements, to increase their difficulty and your calorie burn.

Add resistance. Use resistance bands during body weight movements to make your muscles work harder. You might also notice that you look even more toned after a few weeks of using these bands.

Try compound movements. Work more than one muscle group at the same time. For example, do bicep curls during lunges or overhead presses during squats.

Vary your pace. Increasing your speed can help your heart work harder, and increase your calorie burn. On the other hand, performing weight-training moves verrrrrrry slowly is actually quite difficult! Try changing up your pace to get more results from your exercise sessions.

Work out unilaterally. Working only one side of your body at a time, while focusing on remaining stable, adds a core workout to your routine.

Move fluidly from one exercise to the next. Shorten your rest cycles, and you’ll keep your heart rate up for the duration of your workout.

Increase time under tension. When you reach the part of a movement that your muscles are under maximum tension, add a pulse or a pause. For example, at the bottom of a squat, hold the squat for a second or two before rising.

Focus. When you focus on the mind-body link, isolating individual muscles, you will work them more correctly while also increasing your calorie burn.

A workout routine is a significant tool in your weight loss plan arsenal. But nutrition is another matter. If you need help putting together an eating plan to support your weight loss goals, call us to schedule a consultation.


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