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Can This Weird Trick Help You Cut Calories?

We all know that lowering caloric intake, and burning energy through exercise, is the key to any weight loss plan. But of course, knowing something and being able to accomplish it are two very different things! It’s not always easy to cut calories that low, and we face multiple challenges such as cravings and longtime habits that are hard to break.

It’s no wonder we often hear about different “tricks” to help us cut calories and lose weight. Some of these strategies can be helpful, while others are pure myth. So, what about this one: Can chewing gum aid weight loss? 

It might. It depends upon your habits, and what works for you. In the following situations, chewing gum could prove to be helpful in helping you cut calories…

  • You sometimes eat when you’re bored or anxious
  • You crave sweets after a meal
  • You tend to munch on handfuls of food without thinking about it (perhaps while preparing meals or just walking through the kitchen)
  • You’re getting hungry less than an hour before mealtime

In these situations, chewing a piece of gum could give your mouth “something to do”, or help to stave off temporary cravings.

On the other hand, there are reasons that chewing gum might not be all that helpful to your weight loss plan. For example, you can always replace a habit with something else (in this case, chewing gum instead of indulging in nervous eating). But it’s always best to analyze the source of a bad habit and address it directly when you can.

And if you’re truly hungry, chewing gum obviously won’t provide your body with the energy it needs. So don’t try to chew gum all day as a substitute for a real meal! You’ll just get more and more hungry, and eventually willpower will break down and you’ll be tempted to overindulge in food.

The final answer is that it’s up to you. If you think occasional gum chewing might help boost your weight loss plan, go for it. But don’t expect it to lead to any overwhelming changes. A healthy eating plan and regular exercise are still the most important components of your weight loss program. Let’s discuss these issues at your next appointment, and we can help you devise other strategies that offer real results.

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