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Can You Reverse Sun Damage?

Most of us reach a point that we realize we should take better care of our skin. Unfortunately, we often reach this realization after many years of sunbathing and even a few bad burns. So are you stuck with old sun damage and brown spots from your years of deliberate tanning? Or is there something you can do about it?

Luckily, no, you’re not necessarily stuck with sun damage forever. Prevention is still important, but if you’ve realized you made mistakes in the past you do have options to reverse some of the damage. Technology has provided us with cutting-edge solutions for a number of age-related issues, and sun damage is one of those.

The Cutera Limelight Facial uses pulses of light to treat sun damage on your face and neck. The treatment aims to reduce the tiny veins (telangiectasia) and rosacea (redness) that often result from excess exposure to the sun. Limelight can also reduce brown spots from tanning.

Typically, patients need one to three sessions of Limelight in order to notice a significant difference in the reduction of sun damage. And these treatments are exceptionally easy and convenient! In less than an hour you can visit us, receive a Limelight Facial, and return to your usual activities. The treatments are so convenient that you can schedule them during your lunch break from work.

Anesthetic is not needed, as the pulses of light produce only a mild stinging sensation. We typically just use a topical cooling gel. Afterward, your skin will probably be red and slightly swollen for about one day. But you can apply makeup and continue with your usual activities.

Brown age spots do darken for a short period of time after a Limelight facial. But don’t worry; over a period of one to three weeks they gradually fade away. Tiny veins and rosacea improve along a similar timeline.

Continue to use preventive suncreen, because it’s better to prevent damage than be forced to treat it later. But if you do have sun damage from years past, schedule a Limelight Facial with us to erase imperfections from excess sun exposure. Within just a few weeks you will enjoy a fresher, more youthful complexion.


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