5 Habits That Harm Your Immune System and How to Avoid Them

The immune system plays a crucial role in protecting our bodies from illnesses and infections. However, certain habits and lifestyle choices can undermine its effectiveness, leaving you more susceptible to illnesses and even immune system disorders. Recognizing and changing these habits can significantly bolster your immune system.

As cold and flu season approaches, fostering a healthy immune system is more important than ever! Keep an eye on these five habits as the seasons change. Read more

10 Foods That Help to Keep You Hydrated in the Summer Heat

It certainly feels like someone turned up the thermostat outside! We hope you’re enjoying your summer, and spending plenty of time at the beach or by the pool. But summer heat can also be extremely dehydrating, the point that it can be dangerous. This is especially true for people over 65, very young children, those who work outdoors, and anyone who is exercising vigorously. Read more

5 Great Reasons to Include Citrus in Your Meals

Many people love citrus, especially here in Southern California where the fruit is plentiful.  You might even swear by your vitamin C for preventing colds and the flu.  Fruits and veggies, in general, make up part of a balanced medical weight loss plan, but there are actually several other very important reasons to include citrus fruits in your diet, such as… Read more

4 Ways to Get Even More from Your Workouts!

You already know that exercise serves as a key component to a medical weight loss plan. But exercise can also boost your mental health. And because improved mental health reduces the hormonal imbalances that lead to weight gain and cravings, all of these factors influence one another. A balanced, healthy lifestyle helps you to achieve multiple goals at once. Read more

5 Foods to Fight Inflammation

Inflammation is not always a bad thing. When we’re sick or injured, our immune system activates an inflammatory response to help us heal. But in some people, that activation doesn’t end. Instead, the immune system begins to attack our own bodies, and over time chronic inflammation can lead to autoimmune disorders and other health problems. Studies have even linked inflammation to serious conditions like heart disease and cancer.

Luckily, there are steps you can take to reduce inflammation in your body, and help yourself to get healthier. Diet plays a big role in either promoting inflammation or reducing it, so adjust your diet accordingly.

The following types of foods are known to fight inflammation and help your body return to a healthy balance:

  • Foods that are high in fiber, such as whole grains, brown rice, beans, and legumes
  • Fruits and veggies, which are high in vitamins and antioxidants
  • Unsaturated fats from foods like salmon, olive oil, nuts, and seeds
  • Herbs and spices like ginger, turmeric, curcumin, and rosemary
  • Green tea or hibiscus tea

A diet focused around the above foods is not only good for reducing inflammation; it can also help you follow a medical weight loss plan and stay healthy otherwise. On the other hand, certain foods are known to increase inflammation and can also lead to weight gain and other health problems. Avoid things like overly processed foods, snacks high in sugar and salt, or those high in saturated fats. And of course, excessive consumption of alcohol is unhealthy for numerous reasons, but it is also known to increase inflammation.

For more on nutrition, a medical weight loss plan, or an anti-aging diet to prevent common chronic diseases, call our office to schedule an appointment. We can help you learn to use food to support your health at any age or weight.


Can I Have a Little Wine?

As we help our clients put together their weight loss plan or anti-aging regimens, one question we hear often is, “Can I have a little wine?” We all know that too much alcohol is a bad thing, and that wine also contains calories (like any alcoholic beverage). But you might also have seen the numerous reports on the supposed “health benefits” of wine. So which is it? Should you avoid wine altogether, or can a little bit of wine fit nicely into your healthy living routine? Read more

What NOT to Eat Before Exercise

How are you feeling during your workouts? You know that breathing more heavily, sweating, and getting a bit tired during exercise is just another part of your overall weight loss plan. Even a bit of soreness (but not too much) is okay. But some feelings might be bothersome, or even a sign that something is going wrong. And if you’re feeling bloated and gassy, or having abdominal pain during exercise, you probably feel less motivated to keep going. Read more

3 Ways to Burn Calories in Your Sleep

Nothing can replace the benefits of exercise, especially if you’re following a medical weight loss plan. Not only will exercise burn calories and support your weight loss goals; it’s good for your cardiovascular system, too. But we all burn calories throughout the day, when we’re going about our usual activities – and even while we sleep! Read more

4 Ways to Prevent the Winter Blues

If you’re like a lot of people, you’ve noticed that winter often brings a touch of loneliness, sadness, or lethargy. And in some people, these “winter blues” can morph into a full-blown depression, called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Unfortunately, the symptoms of SAD can cause you to withdraw and lose interest in things that were important to you, such as your weight loss plan. Read more

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