5 Tips for a Healthier Breakfast

Maybe your mom used to lecture you about breakfast being the most important meal of the day. Or now that you’re following a medical weight loss plan, you’re focused on fueling your body with the right nutrition first thing in the morning. Now you have enough energy for your workout.

Actually, every meal is important, and breakfast does not necessarily hold more importance than the others. But you still want to start off your day with a healthy meal, so follow these five tips to support your medical weight loss plan. Read more

5 Quick Fixes for Your Walking Regimen

Walking is the most common exercise of choice among our medical weight loss clients. It makes sense that you would choose a form of exercise that you’ve been doing all of your life, can be done just about anywhere, and does not require any special equipment or a gym membership. But that doesn’t mean problems won’t occur. If you’re experiencing any of these issues with your walking regimen, apply the following solution so that you can keep your exercise plan on track. Read more

3 Ways to Boost the Health Benefits of Sleep

Boosting metabolism is one of the core rules of a good weight loss plan. And so, we often focus on exercise as a way to burn more calories. But did you realize that you burn calories all the time, even when you’re sleeping? And there are ways to maximize those benefits.

In order to burn more calories while you sleep, try these three strategies. Read more

3 Steps to Stay Healthy When You’re Lonely

It’s no secret that our moods influence our physical health. Not only can stress impact our immune system and hormones that control weight gain; stress can simply tempt you to overeat and under-exercise. If you’re following a medical weight loss plan, feelings of loneliness and other types of stress can interfere with your dedication to the program. Read more

5 Ways to Recommit to Your Eating Plan

If you’re like a lot of people, you started off the year with the best of intentions. You set a New Year’s resolution to eat better, exercise more often, and maybe follow a specific medical weight loss plan. Bot now that spring has arrived, perhaps your motivation is flagging a bit. Doing the same old thing week in, week out can get a little boring. And now you need motivation to get going again. Read more

5 Ways to Reset Your Motivation

At the beginning of the year, you might have decided upon a few New Year’s resolutions. Then you got off to a great start, feeling good about your plans for the year.

But now that we’ve reached the end of March, it’s about the time most people begin to feel a bit less motivated. Maybe your mindset has shifted toward spring cleaning, or you’re just bored with your weight loss plan and exercise routine. Whatever the reasons, take these five steps to get motivated again. Read more

4 Reasons to Eat More Carbs

One component of a medical weight loss plan is monitoring the calories you consume, especially from carbohydrates. And some people do find success with cutting out carbs almost entirely! But for most of us, that isn’t really the best plan. In fact, if you notice any of these following things happening, you might need to increase your carb consumption a bit. Read more

3 Hints for Choosing the Best Workout

When you first decide to follow a weight loss plan, you face a number of decisions. You know that you need to change the way you eat, and you know that you should choose some form of exercise. We can help with the first part. As for the exercise, follow these three tips to help you decide upon a form of activity that supports your goals. Read more

Yes, You Can Achieve Fat Reduction in All the Right Spots

We often hear the same complaint from weight loss patients: “I lost a bunch of weight, and I’m so proud of myself… But ugh! I wish I could choose where it comes off!” This is often the case with those who not only wanted to shed some unwanted pounds, but who dream of changing their proportions with regard to where their body stores fat. Well, now we have a high-tech way of achieving fat reduction in the exact spots you prefer, so that you can get closer to the body shape you desire! Read more

3 Positive Changes You Might Notice Soon After Starting a Weight Loss Program

Once we begin working together on a medical weight loss plan, you will start to appreciate a new silhouette in the mirror. And your primary care doctor will likely be pleased, too, since you’re now at lower risk for a number of serious weight-related conditions like type 2 diabetes. But beyond that, we predict you’ll notice a few more positive changes in your health! Be on the lookout for… Read more

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