February 12, 2018 mdchino

Changing Your Life Starts With… Your Kitchen?

So, you’ve decided to revamp your lifestyle, get healthier, and maybe even pursue medical weight loss with us. You already know that changing your habits is quite an undertaking… But where do you begin?

It might sound silly, but may we suggest your kitchen?

Many of our habits concerning food have to do with convenience and organization. You might be surprised out how renovating your kitchen can change your mindset and your “food mood”.

De-clutter the counter tops. Most of us tend to throw everything, from bills to car keys to library books, on the kitchen counters. All of those little items pile up, leading to an intense amount of clutter. Think of your counter tops as your sacred space for preparing healthy meals to nourish your body. A clean space will inspire you.

Throw out the junk. It’s harder to resist temptation when it’s staring you in the face all the time! Throw out unhealthy junk food, or at least move it to a spot where you won’t encounter it regularly.

Institute the “fruit bowl strategy”. Fill a large bowl with your favorite fruits, and display it prominently on the counter (or hang a fruit basket from the ceiling, if you prefer). Keeping healthy, delicious options out in plain sight will remind you to actually eat them!

Clean out your pantry. Toss the clutter, consolidate half-eaten containers of food, and organize items like pasta, rice, dry beans, and so on. Choose clear containers so you can easily identify the contents (and you’ll be much more likely to use them). Organize cans so that you can easily find what you need.

Let your fridge inspire you. After cleaning and organizing your fridge, utilize the front of it as a space for inspiration. Post a few quotes or pictures that motivate you, along with recipes you want to try or pictures of delicious, healthy meal ideas. Think of your fridge as your real-life Pinterest board.

Throughout this process, you will probably think of a few ideas on your own. Make the kitchen a soothing, happy place where you can create exciting new meals. Remember, what is mentally nourishing is also physically nourishing!

And of course, keep in touch with us as you renovate your diet plan. Make an appointment with us to discuss medical weight loss and other options to help you live your healthiest life.

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