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Cosmetic Pricing



New Patient
$9 per unit (first 20 units)

Tier 1 Existing Patients
48+ units $11 per unit

Tier 2 Existing Patients
Up to 48 units $12 per unit

Common areas of concern:
Approx 20 units needed to treat “11 Lines”
Approx 24 units around eyes for “crows feet”
Approx 10-20 units needed to treat forehead

Juvederm® Collection of Fillers

Juvederm Ultra and Ultra Plus
(last up to 1 year) $550 1ml syringe
Smile lines (nasolabial folds), lips, fine lines and wrinkles.

(last up to 2 years) (2 syringes recommended) $850 per 1ml syringe
Designed to add volume beneath the skin surface to provide lift and contour cheek area and reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

(last up to 12 months) (2 syringes recommended) $850 per 1ml syringe
Improve jawline definition in patients with moderate to severe loss of jawline definition.

(last up to 18 months) $750 per 1ml syringe
A filler treatment that is designed to treat fine lines and wrinkles around nose and the mouth.

(last up to 1 year) $750 per 1ml syringe
Enhance lips, soften lines around mouth and/or improve under eye hollows.

Skinvive Treatment
(last up to 6 months) (includes 2 syringes) $625 for 2-1ml syringes
Cheek smoothness, glowing, hydrated, refreshed skin.


$999 per treatment (2-4 treatments needed)
Permanent reduction of fat cells to reduce appearance of double chin and contour jawline.

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