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Developing Healthier Habits with Functional Imagery Training

Developing healthier habits requires balancing the elimination of old, unhealthy behaviors with the adoption of new ones that support your goals. This balance can be especially challenging when it comes to weight loss. But what if you could bypass some of your old temptations and replace them with healthier habits without relying solely on willpower?

An intriguing strategy used by athletes and highly successful individuals might be the solution for you. Known as Functional Imagery Training (FIT), this practice can boost your motivation and enhance your mind-body connection.

Research indicates that visualizing the results you desire, such as a healthier body, generates more positive emotions than other types of thoughts, like comparing yourself to others or focusing on the scale. A study published in the Journal of Obesity found that participants who practiced FIT lost four times more weight than those who did not!

Here’s how you can use FIT to support your medical weight loss journey.

  • Understand Your “Why”. Identify why you want to lose weight. Create mental images that reflect these outcomes, such as a healthier body, keeping up with your kids, or living a longer life. Some people create tangible images, like a vision board, which is perfectly fine. You might also write down affirmations to review daily or post them around your home or office.
  • Utilize These Images at Key Times. Regularly review your imagery to preempt old habits, especially before temptation strikes. Visualize your desired outcome before meals, during times when cravings typically occur, and during workouts.

Initially, you might feel a bit silly, but over time, you should find that your mental imagery significantly motivates you to make healthy food choices and complete tough workouts. The goal isn’t just to motivate you; it’s about retraining your brain to align desired results with productive actions.

If you’re unsure about the actions you need to take, professional guidance can help. Schedule an appointment with us, and we can discuss a medical weight loss plan that includes the right foods for your body type and health goals.

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