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Don’t Like Water? Try These Solutions

As with other health programs, you’ll be urged to drink water regularly when you’re following a medical weight loss plan. Not only does water help to reglate appetite and promote healthy digestion; you’ll need it when you stick to a consistent exercise routine. But unfortunately, we often hear that our clients don’t like the taste of water.

This can happen for a variety of reasons. Sometimes our taste buds just need time to adjust after years of relying upon sodas and other sweet beverages. But there might be other reasons water tastes bad to you. These solutions can help, either temporarily while you adjust to a lifestyle change, or permanently.

Test your water. If it’s mostly the water at home that bothers you, purchase a water testing kit or hire a plumber to investigate for you. Sometimes you can simply adjust the pH of your water to make it more palateable. As a bonus, healthier water might also extend the life of your appliances.

Infuse your water with fruit. Simply place some fruit in the bottom of a pitcher, fill it with water, and store it in the refrigerator overnight. The fruit infusion will add a sweet flavor to your water, without many additional calories.

Flavor your water with cucumber or mint. Instead of fruit, try cucumber and/or mint in your water. The taste is so refreshing that you’ll often find this beverage in spas.

Add a little zing. Add carbonated water to your infused beverages, or simply mix half-and-half with regular water. It’s not soda, of course, but it might be different enough to relieve the boredom of plain water.

Substitute herbal tea. Don’t rely on this substitute for all of your water needs, because the caffeine could become too much. But once or twice per day, it’s acceptable to swap herbal tea instead of your usual bottled  or tap water.

Just wait it out. If your taste buds need time to adjust to water, remember that this change usually takes about two to three weeks.

And if you need additional help with any aspect of your medical weight loss plan, call us to schedule an appointment. We want you to be happy with your program, so that you stick with it!


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