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Does “Eating Clean” Make Sense?

It seems every few months or so, a new buzzword comes around in the health and fitness world. Lately we’ve been hearing a lot of people say that they want to “eat clean”, and crediting “clean eating” to all sorts of miraculous progress such as weight loss or improved immune function. And while the intentions are in the right place, there’s one reason you might not want to focus too much on this trend…

No one quite knows what it is. When you say you’re “eating clean”, what does that mean to you, exactly? You might be able to list some noble endeavors, such as cutting out processed foods or eating more vegetables. But your neighbor down the street might feel that “clean eating” means no animal protein, ever. Your coworker might cut out gluten, and call that a “clean diet”, while your cousin raves about her liquid smoothie diet of nothing but kale and blueberries.

Do you see the problem?

Your intentions are fantastic, but it’s often not a good idea to focus on a vague goal. That would be like getting in the car and telling everyone that you’re going “somewhere fun”. If you don’t choose a specific location, you might not end up going much of anywhere at all – or having fun!

So, while there’s probably nothing exactly wrong with your “clean eating” endeavor, you might want to define your eating plan in more specific terms. Perhaps your goal is to eat real food that doesn’t come in a package, or eat six servings of fruits and vegetables every day, or cut out processed sugar… So say that! Those are fantastic goals.

We’re not saying you can’t ever use the “C” word with relation to your diet ever again. Just make sure you know exactly what it means to you, and what you’re doing. That way you have a well-defined goal that you can reach.

And of course, we do urge you to come in and see us to discuss your eating plan or weight loss goals. We can help you balance your diet safely, and address more specific concerns related to your body type, metabolism, and lifestyle.

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