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Enjoy Summer Barbecues While Staying Healthy

For many of our medical weight loss clients, social gatherings present a challenge to their healthy eating plans. It’s hard to turn down the delicious treats offered at parties, and social pressure is a very real thing even many years after high school. These tips can help you enjoy barbecues this summer, while staying true to your health and fitness goals.

Drink responsibly. Alcohol is packed with empty calories, and many fruity summer cocktails are full of sugar on top of that. Some can pack 500 or more calories in a single glass! It’s best to avoid alcoholic beverages altogether, but you can enjoy a low-calorie cocktail by choosing sparkling water and then adding fruit and a shot of your favorite liquor. A sprig of fresh herbs like lavender or basil keeps it interesting. This recipe keeps cocktails to about 100 calories, and you can change it up however you like.

Choose lean meats. Skip the fatty burgers and hot dogs, and opt for lean grilled meats like chicken, fish, or shrimp skewers. As a bonus, shrimp contains choline which supports your metabolism. As for steak, just opt for a leaner cut like tenderloin or sirloin, and remember your portion sizes. Protein is definitely an important part of your medical weight loss plan.

Fill up on veggies. Avoid salads packed with mayonnaise, and opt for fresh grilled corn on the cob instead. Veggie kabobs are another great option. Just remember to baste veggies with lemon juice, herbs, or garlic, and they make a delicious filling treat.

Enjoy a cool summery dessert. Chilled watermelon or a cup of berries make a great, low-calorie dessert, and they’re so refreshing on a summer day. Popsicles made with berries and yogurt provide another great option.

As always, call us for support as you proceed with your medical weight loss plan. We can schedule regular checkups to make sure you’re on track toward your goals.



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