November 1, 2021 mdchino

Enjoy Your Favorite Fall Beverages – Without the Calories

For many of you, the arrival of fall means a few important things: Seasonal decorations, changing leaves, and the arrival of your favorite autumn drinks at coffee shops and breweries. Maybe you look forward to that pumpkin spice latte all year, or you’re excited to try one for the first time. Either way, you should know that these seasonal drinks can pack hundreds of calories from sugar, dairy, and alcohol. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a modified version of them.

Pumpkin spice latte. These lattes can contain up to three times the calories of a regular latte! Luckily, the internet can point you toward a substitute recipe that is easy to make at home. But if you just can’t pass up your favorite coffee shop, ask the barista to skip the whipped cream and sugar drizzle on top.

Seasonal beer. Yes, you can partake in Oktoberfest, but watch the calories. Sip water before enjoying a beer or two, and stick to light versions. It can be easy to nervously over-indulge in social settings, so get up and dance or bring along a trivia activity to give yourself and your friends something else to focus on.

Hot chocolate. It’s just not fall and winter without a cup of hot chocolate. Making your cocoa at home can help you to control how much sugar is added to the recipe. Otherwise, opt for dark chocolate versions. Keep in mind that fast food options tend to contain the most sugar.

Apple cider. A small glass of apple cider won’t pack too many calories. Avoid the versions with added sugar and whipped cream toppings. And of course, spiking your cider with rum will also increase the caloric content.

Yes, you can enjoy fall flavors without completely wrecking your weight loss plan! But if you need more help adjusting your eating plan to accommodate for upcoming festivities, give us a call. We can offer the personalized support you need as you proceed with your weight loss plan.

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