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Exercise Benefits More Than Physical Health

You already know that exercise is a great way to support your weight loss plan. It also helps you to protect your heart health, and ward off other common health problems associated with excess weight. But did you know that exercise can benefit you in several other, very important ways?

This is not even a new idea. Researchers have long documented the association between exercise and mental health benefits. For example, a 2014 study from Stanford University uncovered a link between exercise and creative thinking. Study participants consistently provided more creative answers on tests while exercising, or immediately after exercising, than those who did not exercise during or just before the test. It didn’t even matter whether the walk took place indoors or outdoors, so the effect likely did come from the exercise itself rather than other factors like exposure to nature.

Now, a more recent study from the University of Graz in Austria has uncovered more long-term effects of exercise upon creativity. Over a period of five days, study participants who exercised more frequently (at any time) scored higher on tests of creative cognition.

And of course, numerous studies over the years have shown that the endorphins generated by an intense or even moderate exercise session can serve to boost our moods. People who exercise frequently often report higher levels of happiness, both right after exercise and in general.

So if you start to feel happier, clear-headed, or even more productive at work during the course of your weight loss plan, it’s probably due to your exercise program! In fact, next time you feel particularly stuck on a complicated work problem, going for a walk or even using a stepper at your desk could help you get your mental gears turning.

Of course, you’re likely to feel better overall because your health and self esteems are skyrocketing. Exercise and a healthy weight loss plan carry so many benefits to your life, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get started sooner. Give us a call to discuss our strategies, and we’ll get you started on a road toward your best physical and mental health ever!


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