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Fat Burner Injections

AKA Lipotropic Injections M.I.C.

Losing weight is hard work, and sometimes diet and exercise don’t seem to do the trick. You may need to boost your metabolism to burn fat, and increase your energy so you can keep up with those daily workouts. We offer the following injections to help you burn fat, feel more energetic, increase liver function, and detoxify your body.

Fat Burner Injections


  • Contains Methionine, Inositol, & Choline all which prevent fats from accumulating in the liver & facilitates the movement of fats into the cells – It is essential for the health of the liver & kidneys.
  • Increases metabolism to break down fats & carbs for energy
  • Removes & transports fat out of the body
  • Prevents abnormal accumulation of fat in the liver
  • Detoxifies and improves liver function
    Helps reduce blood cholesterol

For more information, call our office to schedule an appointment. Together we will discuss your health history, screen you for underlying conditions,and decide if Fat Burner Injections are right for you.

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