September 5, 2022 mdchino

Five Food Tips You Can Ignore

When you first begin your medical weight loss plan, everyone from your neighbors to your Great Aunt Sue will probably offer their advice. And while people tend to mean well, often the “advice” that circulates is not really very helpful. In fact, some popular food tips are completely untrue! Here’s the truth about some of the common ones.

Gluten is bad for you, and you must avoid it. This is definitely true if you’re allergic to gluten. But everyone else can consume gluten in moderate amounts as part of a well-balanced diet. In fact, whole grains will probably comprise an important part of your medical weight loss plan.

You should eat five or six small meals every day. This one is partially true. Weight loss comes down to calories consumed versus calories expended through activity. But once we decide upon the number of calories you should eat each day, you can eat them at any time you wish. Some people do find that spreading out mini meals through the day helps them to manage cravings. But others are happy with just two or three larger meals, or with intermittent fasting. Do what works for you and helps you meet your goals.

White foods are “bad”. This myth likely derived from the fact that white flour and sugar are indeed calorie-dense and lacking in nutrition. But that doesn’t mean all white foods are bad. Foods like potatoes, cauliflower, and white beans contain fiber and potassium, are certainly part of a well-rounded diet.

You shouldn’t eat foods high in lectin. There’s no conclusive proof that foods high in lectin contribute to what is popularly called “leaky gut syndrome”. And cooking whole grains, peanuts, and beans inactivates most of the lectins anyway.

Don’t eat protein and carbs together. Actually, you should be doing the opposite! Carbs give you energy, and protein keeps you feeling full. That’s exactly what you want from a meal or snack!

If you have questions about the right foods for your medical weight loss plan, call us to schedule an appointment. We can help you learn more about nutrtion and put together an eating plan that is right for you.


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