July 4, 2017 mdchino

Hate Running? Then Don’t Do It!

Running has long been regarded as the go-to exercise for torching large amounts of calories in each workout. For those following a weight loss plan, or wanting to get in better shape, running often seems like the only solution. Luckily, for those who hate running, this isn’t true at all.

First of all, you’ll burn calories and lose weight even if you just walk every day (assuming you’re following a reasonable eating plan). Any activity is better than none at all! But if you’re wanting to burn more calories, or if walking feels too easy now, there are other heavy-duty exercises you can try.

Stationary cycling. Assuming that the intensity of your workout is 200 watts or greater (check the bike’s display), you can burn about 950 calories per hour on a stationary bike. No wonder spin classes are so popular!

Outdoor cycling. You can also bike outdoors, of course. Depending on your course, you could burn around 680 calories by riding your bike. Add some hills and bursts of speed, and you’ll bump up that calorie burn even more.

Rowing. Again, the intensity of your machine should be at about 200 watts, which for most people will feel vigorous. You’ll burn around 800 calories per hour on a rowing machine, and give your back and shoulders a great workout, too.

Swimming. If you can swim at a pace of 75 yards per minute, you’ll burn about 680 calories in an hour. If you can do the breaststroke, you’ll increase your calorie burn even more.

Jumping rope. At a moderate pace – about 100 skips per minute – jumping rope will burn about 800 calories in one hour. Try an interval workout to make it more fun.

Kickboxing class. Your calorie burn will depend upon how vigorous the class is, but you can burn around 700 calories in a one-hour session.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways for you to burn major calories without having to run. As always, come see us before starting a new exercise regimen, so we can check your health and make sure your plans are safe.

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