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Should You Hire a Personal Trainer?

For many people, knowing how to exercise is the hardest part of getting fit. For others, staying motivated is their primary challenge. Whatever your particular obstacle might be, hiring a personal trainer might be a good solution. But as with any other profession, there are skilled trainers, unskilled ones, and those who work well with some clients but not so much with others. Finding the right fit for you can be a challenge in its own right.

Training and certifications. As you search for a personal trainer, ask about their qualifications and training. There are plenty of completely untrained individuals out there, working as personal trainers, and this is not always a safe way to go.

Watch a session. Ask a potential trainer if you can watch one of their sessions. In fact, watching more than one session can help you see how the trainer changes up workouts to suit client needs. You can also get an idea of their personality and motivational techniques, to see if they will be a good fit for you.

Ask for references. Ask a potential trainer for names and numbers of a few clients. If they’re unwilling to provide references, this could be a bad sign. If you do receive references, follow up on those phone calls. Current or past clients are a terrific resource for helping you decide whether a trainer will be a good fit for you.

Assess your own comfort level. Just because someone is a personal trainer, does not mean they know your body better than you do! During your first few sessions, take note of how your trainer responds to your questions or discomfort. Do they take the time to explain proper technique? Do you understand which muscle groups a particular exercise is targeting? Does your trainer take your reports of pain seriously?

Ask your trainer about long-term goals. Perhaps more importantly, they should be asking you! Both of you should be on the same page about your objectives. Goals should be challenging, yet attainable.

These tips should get your started on your exercise journey. For help with the nutritional end of weight loss (or maintenance), give us a call. We can help you understand your body’s nutritional needs and develop an eating plan that supports your goals.


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