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Battling Hormone Fluctuations and Weight Gain

For many women pursuing a medical weight loss program, PMS can sometimes derail their exercise regimen and healthy meal plan. If you find yourself struggling with frustrating weight gain, cravings, lack of energy, or a general low mood, these tips can help you stick to your plans at that inconvenient time of month.

Don’t weigh yourself. Pre-menstrual hormone fluctuations can trigger water retention and bloating, which might lead to a “weight gain” of several pounds. It’s not real, and your weight will return to normal next week. But in the meantime, there is no point in weighing yourself. You’ll just feel discouraged over numbers that aren’t even accurate.

Engage in some self care. It’s important all the time, but we do get busy and forget. Plan ahead for self care time during your menstrual cycle, so that you’ll be able to fit it into your schedule.

Try not to quit exercising. If over-the-counter medication doesn’t help your cramps, then you certainly can’t be blamed for not wanting to go for a run or a Crossfit class. But try to continue being active in whatever ways you can. Go for a walk or follow a gentle yoga routine. Any movement is better than no movement.

Lay off the caffeine. Yes, you might feel as though you need a quick shot of energy. But because several studies have demonstrated a possible link between caffeine and PMS symptoms, reducing your intake during this week could potentially bring you some relief.

Focus on protein. Keep snacks like yogurt, cheese, or tofu handy. When you regularly satiate your appetite with protein, you’ll be less likely to overdo it on the salty or sweet snacks women tend to crave at this time. But if you do indulge in a bit of chocolate, opt for dark chocolate full of healthy antioxidants.

Remind yourself that this is temporary, and it will pass. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed and give up on your medical weight loss program or health goals in general. But remember that these melancholy feelings always pass after a few days.

If you find yourself struggling with emotions, lack of energy, or any other obstacles on a regular basis, call us to schedule a check-up. We can help you identify potential solutions to your medical weight loss challenges.

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