September 13, 2021 mdchino

How the Plate Strategy Can Help You

When it comes to managing an eating regiment or weight loss plan, everyone has their own little tips and tricks that they swear work great for them. But ultimately, you have to figure out what makes sense for your lifestyle and works for you. Some people swear by the Plate Diet, because it’s a structured way to create meals that fit well into many weight loss plans. Here’s how it works.

Choose the right size. Over the decades, portion sizes have grown larger (along with our waistlines!) The average dinner plate today measures about 12 inches across, and we tend to fill it up. Choose plates that measure 9 t0 10 inches, and you will automatically reduce your portions a bit without even thinking about it.

Now, consider proportions. Half of your plate should be filled with non-starchy fruits and vegetables. One quarter of your plate will consist of whole grains or starchy veggies, and then the last quarter of the plate should feature protein (either animal or vegetable, depending upon your values and taste buds).

Add a little fat. Yes, you can have a little fat! But of course, it has to be the right kind. Sprinkle your dish with olive oil, nuts, seeds, or a bit of avocado to add flavor and healthy fats.

This strategy can help you manage or ward off diabetes. Since the Plate Diet revolves around a low-starch philosophy, it can help you manage blood sugar fluctuations. Talk to your doctor if you have diabetes or are at risk for developing the condition, so that they can offer further advice on this strategy.

But it’s not right for absolutely everyone. Depending on your exact nutritional needs, this plate strategy might not contain enough protein. You might also require more input about exactly which types of foods you should be eating to support your specific health goals. So let’s discuss the idea at your next visit, and we can help you decide if this strategy is a good support for your own weight loss plan.


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