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How to Become a “Morning Workout Person”

We all have that fit friend who gets up every morning at 6 am to hit the gym before work. Or you notice your neighbor energetically jogging by your window as you yawn and desperately start the coffee machine. Do you ever wish you could be one of those “morning workout people”?

It would certainly be a great way to start your day, and fit in a workout so that you can check it off your to-do list first thing. But many of us struggle with starting, and sticking to, this new habit. These six steps can help you transform your schedule and start a morning workout routine.

Mentally commit. Put the workout session on your schedule, whether you use a daily checklist, a calendar, or a smartphone app.

Prepare the night before. Set out your clothes, shoes, water bottle, and any other workout gear that you will need. Now you won’t feel rushed or frustrated as you get ready for your new workout routine.

Set your alarm. Choose a cheerful alarm or a song that you love. No one likes waking up to an obnoxious buzzer. Then place your alarm across the room, so that you can’t easily press the snooze button.

Don’t go to bed on a full stomach. Avoid meals or snacks for at least two hours before bedtime. A full stomach can interrupt sleep and leave you tired and cranky in the morning.

Plan your breakfast. If you get into a rush, you could be tempted to reach for fast food or gas station snacks. Plan for breakfast and pack it ahead of time, if necessary, to give your body the healthy fuel it needs after your morning workout.

Go to bed on time. Each night, go to bed on time and at the same time. Plan for 8 or 9 hours of sleep, and retrain yourself to become more of a “morning person”.

We hope these tips help those of you who want to try a morning workout routine. But if you have any other questions about your exercise habits or weight loss plan, please call our office so that we can offer the support you need to get healthy.

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