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How Walking Can Support Your Health Goals

If we put together a medical weight loss program for you, we will first discuss how you should be eating. Then, the next decision concerns exercise. Many of our patients choose to take up walking, because it’s convenient, easy, and does not require a gym membership. You probably know several people who say that they lost a significant amount of weight simply by walking every day.

But is walking the best form of exercise for you? Remember, the main deciding factor with exercise is that you choose something you can do consistently over time. If you feel that you’ll stick to a walking regimen for the long term, then yes, walking will help to support your medical weight loss goals. It might not be the only form of exercise that you pursue, but for many of our client is is their main form of exercise.

So, how much walking should you do, in order to reach your health goals? According to the American College of Sports Medicine, 200 to 300 minutes of walking each week is ideal. This essentially breaks down to a one-hour walk, four to five times per week.

How many calories does walking burn? As you probably know, medical weight loss works when you burn more calories (through exercise plus your daily metabolism) than you consume through food. Walking for one hour will burn about 224 calories, for a person who weighs 150 pounds. Of course, the calorie burn can vary quite a bit depending upon your own body size and how briskly you walk. Adding some hills to your route will increase the burn, too.

What about other forms of exercise? Yes, adding some muscle-building exercise to your routine will boost results from your medical weight loss plan. That’s because adding muscle tissue will help to increase your overall metabolism. And you might also appreciate the look of strong, toned muscles. So while walking is very helpful, weight training can help to round out your exercise program.

The most important thing to remember is that whatever type of exercise you choose, you must do it consistently over time. It’s okay to switch up your walking route or add another form of exercise if you get bored!

Call our office to discuss your eating habits and exercise routine in more detail, and we can help you implement a medical weight loss plan to reach your health goals.

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