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How Workouts Change After You’ve Reached Your Goals

Exercise is a key part of any weight loss plan. But once you’ve reached your goals and shed those unwanted pounds, does that mean you can stop working out? Well, no. That’s a great way to invite the weight to come right back. Exercise is also good for you regardless of your weight, because it keeps your heart healthy and wards off other serious health conditions. However, your workouts probably can, and should, change a bit after you’ve reached your goals.

Change your goal. The first thing you can do is change your goal. Since you’re not striving for a target weight now, you can choose another goal that feels motivating and empowering to you. Maybe you want to train for a charity walk, or learn a new skill like dancing or in-line skating. Or, you could help a friend or family member meet their own weight loss goals!

Reduce difficulty (just a little). It’s okay to dial back the difficulty of your workouts, but only a little bit. If workouts are so challenging that you feel drained or overworked, reduce the difficulty so that you still enjoy exercise and feel motivated to continue doing it.

Shift focus. Up to this point, you probably split your workouts between cardio and weight training. Once you’ve met your weight loss goals, you can drop one cardio session per week, but add a bit more weight training to maintain your new tone and metabolism.

Transition into a sport. Now that you’re in great shape and feel great in your body, you might feel ready to challenge yourself with tennis or soccer. It’s okay to reduce the number of solo walks or jogs, and join an amateur sport league instead.

Focus on feelings. Maybe you’re not the competitive type, or overly concerned with looking a certain way. Focus on maintaining your energy, improving flexibility, or some other goal that makes you feel good.

Naturally, you want to gradually ease into your post-weight loss lifestyle, so that you avoid regaining any of your lost weight. Call us to schedule an appointment, and we can help you transition without setbacks.


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