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Identify Your ‘Why’

Often, when people embark on a weight loss plan, they tend to focus on the “how”. How will I accomplish this, they ask themselves. Must of their plans revolve around creating healthy menus, eliminating unhealthy foods, counting calories, joining exercise programs, tracking progress, and so on. And it’s true that you can’t reach a destination without making or accessing a map first!

But, perhaps even more important than the “how” is the “why”. Have you asked yourself why you’re pursuing a weight loss plan, and why you need to accomplish your health and fitness goals?

For most people, this question might have several answers. Your doctor advised you to lose weight, because you’re at risk for (or have already developed) serious health complications. You want to have more energy and feel healthier. You want to feel more attractive. You want to keep up with your kids at the playground, or improve your sex life with your spouse. You want to feel more confident in the workplace. These are just some of the reasons our clients have mentioned, and you might have additional motivations as well.

The point is to identify your reasons, because these will serve as your motivation when  dietary will power wanes or you’re tempted to skip an exercise session. Most people don’t stick with a weight loss plan simply because they created a really great strategy… They stick with it because they repeatedly remind themselves of a powerful motivation!

So, choose a method that feels right to you, and begin to outline your own “whys”. Vision boards can be helpful to some, while journaling works better for others. Reading, or even posting throughout your home, inspirational quotes can keep you on track. You can talk about these reasons with a friend, or simply list them for yourself.

Then, when temptation strikes – whether you’re tempted to cheat on your dietary plan or skip a workout – you have created a powerful set of tools for yourself. Reach into that tool box and pull out your “whys”. Remind yourself why you’ve embarked on this journey of transformation. Look at how far you’ve come, and how much closer you are to your goals. Knowing your “whys” can give you the motivational boost you need to keep going.

As always, please call us for an appointment as you’re creating your weight loss strategy. We can help you with a medical weight loss plan, advice on exercise, tips to stay motivated, and more.

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