April 26, 2016 mdchino

Is Walking the Perfect Exercise?

Walking is an activity almost everyone can do, making it the perfect, low-cost, and convenient exercise for your weight loss plan. But aside from burning calories, walking also carries many other potential health benefits.

It’s good for your brain. Regular exercise can prevent dementia, and its low impact makes it the perfect activity for older people. Get in the habit of going for a daily walk now, and you can continue to reap the benefits of walking for the rest of your life.

Strengthen your bones. While high-impact exercise can often be rough on our joints, low-impact exercises like walking can actually strengthen our bones. Those who walk regularly have a lower risk of osteoporosis and fractures as they age.

Walking can make you happy. As you know, exercise and time outdoors can boost your mood and fight depression. Walking combines both of these elements. If you walk in the woods or a peaceful park setting, you can even reap meditative benefits from your exercise.

Walking even improves blood glucose levels. Going for a walk after a meal, even for just 15 minutes, can lower your blood sugar levels.

Boost your immunity. Some experts believe that regular exercise helps your immune system fight off invaders more easily.

Sleep better click this over here now. All types of regular exercise can help you sleep better at night. But any activity you perform outdoors is going to have a much stronger effect, because sunlight helps your body to regular its sleeping and waking rhythms.

Lesson symptoms of chronic disorders. Low-impact exercise can actually decrease the symptoms of disorders like fibromyalgia and arthritis, and keeps you from losing flexibility. Of course, you should discuss any exercise plan with your physician before getting started.

Walking can lower your blood pressure. Going for a brisk, half-hour walk each day can improve your heart health, lower your blood pressure, and even reduce your risk of a stroke.

As you can see, walking carries many benefits beyond burning calories! Try to schedule at least one daily walk, and you can reap the above health benefits along with reaching your weight loss goals. Of course, weight loss itself can prevent many common health problems, so walking really does pack a healthy double punch.

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