JuvedermWe offer many options to correct bothersome wrinkles, and Juvederm is one of the newest and most exciting. While some wrinkle correction procedures focus on improving skin tone or relaxing the muscles of the face, Juvederm falls into the “fillers” class of skin treatments. This means we inject a solution directly into lines and wrinkles, plumping them up and smoothing the skin.

Juvederm is so new, that you might not have heard of it yet! While other fillers are based in collagen, Juvederm is created from hyaluronic acid. This substance is found naturally within the human body, and therefore is not toxic and will not cause allergic reactions.

Juvederm provides long-lasting results. While all fillers operate based upon a similar concept, studies have shown that Juvederm provides results that last longer. However, the results are not permanent, so you will need repeat treatments to maintain your results. Most patients are comforted by the idea that they are not permanently wed to their results; if for some reason you aren’t satisfied, the effects of Juvederm do eventually fade, and you can try other treatments in the future.

Juvederm is versatile. Juvederm can be used to treat wrinkles on your forehead, lines around your mouth, and creases on the cheeks or beside your eyes. This filler can also be injected into the lips, to create a fuller mouth. Juvederm is even effective in improving the appearance of scars, such as acne scars which cause small depressions in the skin.

Juvederm isn’t right for every patient. If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, it is better to wait or use another type of wrinkle treatment. Juvederm might not work on severe scars, or if your skin is very thin or loose. Call our office to schedule an appointment, and we can assess whether Juvederm is right for you.

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