July 25, 2016 mdchino

Learn to Love Your Exercise Routine

It’s a story we hear over and over: I know I need to exercise, but it makes me miserable! I’m tired in the morning, I’m tired after work, I just don’t have time, I don’t like to sweat…. and so on. Yes, we know you have a million reasons for hating exercise. But hopefully we can teach you a few ways to love your exercise routine, so that you can work out regularly and achieve your weight loss goals!

View yourself through the right lens. So often people get stuck in the mentality of thinking “I shouldn’t be at the gym, because I’m not fit enough!” Doesn’t that sound silly? The gym is where you get fit! Instead of comparing yourself to all the toned supermodel types at the gym, compare yourself to the couch potatoes who aren’t even trying. You’re doing better than they are, just by walking into the gym and putting forth an effort. You’re a beginner, and you shouldn’t compare yourself to the experts… but at least you’ve begun!

Take it easy. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you won’t turn into a pro athlete in a day, either. Allow yourself to start off slowly and build your workout routine in time.

Establish small goals. Stop worrying about the fact that you haven’t lost 50 pounds, or can’t run five miles yet. No one can do that overnight! Set small goals that you can accomplish, and celebrate reaching each one.

Remind yourself of the positives. Instead of thinking, “Ugh, I have to exercise now”, remind yourself that this is your time alone. There are no nagging kids, annoying bosses, or anyone else around. This is your alone time!

Enlist a friend. So maybe you don’t want alone time. That’s okay! Ask a friend to work out with you, and each exercise session will become a fun social time.

Choose the right music. Load up your phone or MP3 player with tunes that motivate you. Upbeat tunes can put you in a good mood, and distract your mind from the work you’re doing.

Keep track of your progress. Use an app or even just a notebook and pen to log your workouts. Record your time spent running, weight lifted, or any other pertinent information. As you can see your progress, you’ll feel motivated to keep going.

Make it matter. Sign up for an upcoming charity walk or marathon. When your workouts impact the greater good, it’s easier to stay motivated.

Choose a fun activity. This is probably the most important tip of all. If you don’t enjoy your workouts, you probably won’t stick with them. Remember to choose something you genuinely enjoy. Maybe you don’t like walking in your busy, traffic-congested neighborhood, but you do enjoy hiking secluded trails. Or maybe you hate running, but love riding your bike. Engage in the activity you love, and you’re more likely to stick with the routine.

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