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How to “Have a Life” When You’re Losing Weight

Following a weight loss plan can present many challenges. You’re already learning new information, working on your self image, fighting cravings, and trying to cram exercise into your schedule. That’s enough challenges for anyone! But on top of all that, following a weight loss plan can feel lonely.

Many people feel that it’s too difficult to have a social life when you’re losing weight, but that doesn’t have to be true! Try these methods to incorporate your new lifestyle into your old social life, so that you continue to have the support you need and deserve.

Choose drinks wisely. While indulging every night would almost certainly lead to weight gain, there’s nothing wrong with having the occasional drink with friends. Just limit yourself to one or two, and sip plenty of water to prevent dehydration. Avoid sugary cocktails, because they often contain 500 calories or more! Stick to a light beer or a glass of wine.

Plan ahead. If you know a particular gathering will present you with temptation, fill up on a healthy meal before arriving. Or, take along your own healthy snacks.

Practice portion control. In restaurants, ask your waiter to bring a to-go box with your meal, and box up half of your entree immediately. At a buffet, take only a small portion of calorie-rich foods. If everyone wants to order dessert, ask if anyone (ideally a few “anyones”) will be willing to split a slice of cake or pie with you. You get the point…. you can have fun, just limit yourself to small indulgences.

Switch up your meetup. You and your friends typically get together, pop open a bag of chips and order pizzas, and watch movies. Ask if anyone else wants to change up the routine and meet up for a hike, bike ride, yoga class, or some other activity that involves, well, activity.

Go to the gym first thing in the morning. Get it out of the way early in the day, so you’re free for the afternoon and evening. Who knows what fun, last-minute invites could come your way. If you’ve already reached your exercise goals for the day, you can say yes without guilt.

These tips can help you enjoy a social life while also staying faithful to your weight loss plan. But of course, you need to make sure that plan is a reasonable and healthy one! Schedule an appointment with us, and we can discuss your goals and help you establish an eating plan and exercise regimen that’s right for you.

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