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Make Healthier Snacks at Home

For those pursuing a weight loss plan, or for those who simply want to eat more healthfully, our patients often report the same few problems over and over:

  • It’s inconvenient
  • It’s too time consuming
  • It’s too expensive

All of these problems are real, but the trick is learning to work around them. Yes, some healthy foods can be inconvenient, time consuming, and expensive. But there are many options that aren’t so inconvenient or time consuming, and can even save you money! You can start by setting aside one day a week to prepare and portion some simple snacks, so that you always have healthy options ready to go.

Make your own yogurt cups. Store-bought yogurt cups are one of those prepacked snacks that seem healthy enough, but actually contain a lot of added sugar. Make your own by mixing the fruit of your choice with plain yogurt, and portioning it into individual containers. Try adding chia seeds or other interesting combinations so that you don’t get bored with your snacks.

Invent your own granola recipe. Store-bought granola often contains way too much sugar, and the fiber content is often disappointing. Make your own granola in bulk, and you’ll enjoy healthy snacks on the go for weeks. Mix in dried fruit or a few dark chocolate chips to create your own unique flavors.

Pack a protein bowl. With just a few ingredients, protein bowls make ideal grab-and-go snacks that you can prepare ahead of time. Toss whole grains, protein, vegetables, a dressing, and a topping into lidded bowls. Now you just grab one before leaving the house, and you won’t need to stop for tempting convenience food.

For whole grains, consider… quinoa or brown rice

For protein, think… tuna, shredded chicken, hardboiled eggs, or black beans

For vegetables, search your fridge for… chopped leafy greens, leftovers from last night’s dinner, carrots, bell peppers, etc

Dressing can consist of… Greek yogurt or a homemade vinaigrette

Top with… nuts, seeds, feta cheese, goat cheese crumbles, or salsa

These are just a few easy ideas for healthy, fast, homemade snacks. To learn more about nutrition and ways to support your weight loss program, call us to schedule an appointment. We will discuss your particular lifestyle and concerns, and then help you develop solutions to your obstacles.

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