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Medical Weight Loss

Weight Loss Facts

Statistics prove that dieting on your own is rarely effective. MD Diet of Chino offers the guidance and support for safe and long-lasting results.

Our doctors are formally trained to understand various weight loss options that are healthy for you – as an individual – and that are based upon your personal goals, medical history, nutritional habits, and your metabolism. By understanding your needs from a medical and personal goal perspective, Serenity MD of Chino will create a customized, individualized program for you that will give you the results you expect without the need for special food supplements, pre-packaged meals, or other gimmicks that other non-physician plans offer.

GLP-1 Diet

A number of different factors can impact weight loss success, such as your body type, metabolism, lifestyle, and certain health conditions. That’s why we offer our patients a variety of options to help them safely lose weight using a scientifically-backed method. We’re excited to announce the addition of the GLP-1 Diet to our clinic offerings, so that we can help even more patients lose weight and get healthy.

Vitamin Injections

Lose weight safely under the guidance of a physician. We carefully monitor your progress and make appropriate adjustments to your program as needed.

Oral Appetite Suppressants

Proper medications used in tandem with diet and exercise provides you with the best opportunity for weight loss results.

Fat Burner Injections

Fat Burner Injections

Our Chino Hills weight loss clinic offers a variety of vitamin and fat-metabolizing injections.

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