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One Very Obvious and Very Simple Diet Secret

Weight loss is a multi-billion-dollar industry for a reason: Most people find losing weight to be difficult, and most don’t know how to do it. That opens up a lot of room for competing products, books, videos, coaching services, and more.

But in many ways, we are making weight loss much more difficult than it has to be. There’s a science behind medical weight loss, for example. And then there are the everyday tips and tricks that are so obvious, they’re hiding in plain sight. But when dieters discover them, they easily make a lifestyle change that leads to lasting weight management.

One such trick is right under your nose already: A lunchbox. Yes, a lunchbox!

Packing your lunch each day can lead to weight loss, for some very simple reasons:

You will learn correct portion sizes. After all, only so much will fit in there.
You will plan ahead. An important component of any weight loss plan is meal preparation. When you have to think about and prepare meals ahead of time, you put more thought into what you’re eating.
You will commit. Once you’ve packed that lunchbox, it would be a shame to waste the time and money you put into making that meal. You’re committed to that healthy lunch.
You will avoid restaurants. Restaurant meals can be tricky when you’re trying to lose weight. Portion sizes are ridiculous, and you can’t be sure of hidden calories. When you pack your own lunch, you know exactly how that food was prepared.
You save time. By bringing your lunch to work, you will avoid long lines and waiting in the work cafeteria or restaurants. Pack your walking shoes, too, because now you have time for a short walk during your break.
You can avoid the vending machine. Include a healthy snack with your lunch, like fruit or a yogurt cup, and you can avoid that mid-afternoon slump that beckons you to the vending machine.

Isn’t it amazing how one common, simple item can perform so many functions in your weight loss plan? Pick up a new lunchbox, or dig your old one out of the basement, and commit to packing lunch for the next week. You’re sure to see a difference that inspires you to stick with it. And you might even save some money!

For more information on medical weight loss, plus tips and tricks to help you stay focused, call us to schedule an appointment. We specialize in helping patients lose weight the healthy way, and keep the weight off for the long term.

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