April 14, 2020 mdchino

Organize Your Pantry for Success

If you’re social distancing and hanging around the house right now, a productive organizing project might be just the way to keep yourself occupied. How about a project that not only organizes your home, but also supports your weight loss plan? If you take the time to straight out your pantry, you might find that it’s easier to reach your goals. Taking these steps can help.

Move your produce. Most people store produce in drawers at the bottom of their fridge, but then it’s easier to forget about fruits and veggies. Revamp your fridge system and move produce to a middle shelf, right at eye level. You’re more likely to opt for a salad or fruit when you peruse the fridge for a snack.

Use the same principle on your pantry. Put the healthy options at eye level, and stash the tempting processed food elsewhere.

Use a fruit bowl. Those who keep a bowl of colorful fruit on the counter are more likely to snack on those options, rather than less healthy options. Plus, it’s decorative!

Stock and organize your spice rack. Variety truly is the “spice” of life! A well stocked and organized spice rack will encourage you to branch out and try new flavors. Once you begin to experiment with various herbs and spices, you will learn new ways of making healthy food taste great.

Make single-serve snack bags. Using sandwich baggies or your favorite containers, make up single servings of snacks that you can grab and go. When a healthy snack is the easiest option, you’re more likely to opt for it.

Organize your fridge bulletin. Or, if you don’t have a fridge bulletin, now is the time to make one. Track your snacks, servings of water, and other necessary information at the source. Now you can stay on top of your weight loss plan in one convenient location.

Just don’t stock it. If you keep a large amount of tempting junk food in the house, you’re more likely to indulge in it. Limit the amount of unnecessary packaged treats that you stock at all.

Staying at home all day can increase the temptation to snack, and throw off your weight loss plan. If you have questions or need support at this time, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.



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