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A Quick Guide for Beginning Yogis

Your neighbor, your best friend, and that perky woman at the office have all been raving about their yoga classes. And they really do look a little more trim and toned. They even seem more relaxed and happy! So maybe you’re curious about adding yoga to your weight loss routine, but you’re not so sure about doing something so far out of your usual comfort zone. That’s okay! Yoga teachers are accustomed to nervous beginners, and they will just be happy to have you join their class. But here’s what you need to know, so that you can feel more comfortable on that first day.

What to wear. You don’t have to rush out to the nearest Lululemon outlet (that’s a popular, and expensive, brand of yoga apparel). You can wear the type of clothing you normally wear to work out, and you’ll fit in just fine. But do avoid shirts that will fly up in your face and expose your midsection (in the event that you bend over), if that would make you uncomfortable.

What to bring. Ask about this ahead of time bupropion hcl. Many yoga studios provide mats, blocks, balls, and any other equipment that will be needed during class. Others prefer for you to bring your own stuff. It doesn’t hurt to ask, and will save you from feeling awkward on the first day. If you aren’t sure whether you’re going to enjoy yoga, it wouldn’t hurt to borrow some gear from a friend before making an investment.

What to expect. You’ll love this part: Most of yoga is very “adjustable” to your skill level. A good instructor will offer several variations of each pose (called asanas). And yoga is not competitive, so it doesn’t matter that the person next to you can fold herself into a human pretzel. This is all individual work, and much of it happens within your body. Start with your instructor’s suggestions for “beginning” poses, and if you feel confident you can try the more difficult moves.

Your instructor does not expect you to be an Olympic gymnast. But he or she will look for proper form, so that you’re getting the most out of each asana while preventing injury. So he or she might gently touch you, to help you shift into the correct positioning.

Yoga enthusiasts love the “inner work”, and really aren’t looking around the room to see what anyone else is doing. So no matter your experience level, you don’t have to worry about being judged in this room. In fact, everyone is sure to welcome you!

Results. If you’re choosing yoga as an exercise, rather than a mind-body discipline, keep in mind that it is usually not aerobic exercise (except for some of the faster-paced flow or mix classes). For slower, more beginner type classes, weight loss is not really the goal. You will, however, tone your muscles, lower stress, and develop greater flexibility. Plus, learning proper form and developing core strength can help you perform well in other physical activities, and lower your risk of injuries.

If weight loss is your goal, give us a call. We can evaluate your current weight loss plan and help you make adjustments where needed. And, as always, consult with us before beginning an exercise regimen so that we can make sure the plan is safe for you.

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