May 9, 2016 mdchino

The Real Trick to Long-Term Weight Loss

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Various authors, exercise gurus, and business people have made billions of dollars off weight loss. One reason the business is so lucrative is that there are always returning customers! In other words, people who lose weight tend to gain it back… then try another diet…. then gain back the weight once again. Quite a few of us are stuck on the weight loss merry-go-round.

All of that yo-yo dieting might be great for lining the pockets of whomever is orchestrating the latest diet craze, but it’s really bad for your body. Emotionally, the repeated feeling of failure as you gain back the weight once again can also take a toll on your self esteem. That’s why most people wish they could find a solution that worked forever, so they would never have to diet again!

Sometimes the solution to a problem is hiding in plain sight, and that’s exactly how it is with weight loss. The problem is that we all view a diet as a temporary fix. It helps us lose weight, and then we’re “done” and discontinue the diet. No wonder the weight comes right back!

When we say that “nothing works”, that’s not really true. Various diet plans can, and do, often work. But the problem is that no temporary method provides a permanent solution to weight loss.

The only thing that works, with regard to weight loss plans, is a commitment to a permanent lifestyle change. It’s just that simple.

Rather than dieting, seek to change your relationship with food. Learn about nutrition, appropriate portion sizes, and the difference between true hunger and emotional eating. Learn how to structure meal plans, how to read food labels, and how to count grams of fat, protein, and carbs. Stop looking at your diet as something you do temporarily to accomplish a goal, and view your food in terms of long-term health.

The same concept applies to exercise. Often we work very hard at an exercise program, reach our target weight loss goal, and then quit exercising. Naturally our metabolism slows, and we regain the lost weight. Choose activities you truly enjoy, and make a lifetime commitment to staying active, and you can maintain a healthier weight.

Now that you know the secret to long-term weight loss, it’s time to put together a plan for continued success. Schedule an appointment with us, and we can discuss your nutritional and exercise needs, and help you put together a plan to change your lifestyle – for good.

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